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“Brands You Love” and “Media Planners” among JioCinema offerings for advertisers during IPL 2023

Viacom18 opened the JioCinema CricStream Showcase giving a glimpse of what consumers and advertisers will experience for the upcoming season

Viacom18, the digital rights holder of the Indian Premier League, opened the JioCinema CricStream Showcase giving a glimpse of what consumers and advertisers will experience for the upcoming season.

The exhibition, spread across multiple zones, gave brands and industry leaders a sneak peek into the innovations on offer on JioCinema for both, advertisers and consumers.

“Content consumption in India is seeing a tectonic shift towards digital platforms as consumers are increasingly embracing the convenience and improved viewing experience on offer. It is not just a shift in consumer behaviour but for brands, digital is fast becoming a key channel for customer acquisition, engagement, conversion, and retention,” said Viacom18 in a statement.

The statement further read, “The digital growth narrative is further fortified by the ever-increasing adoption of Connected TV (CTV). A significant number of HD homes are in the process of moving to CTV with the flexibility of the medium, ease of search options, and content variety. The current base of 750+mn internet users and growing penetration of 5G in India will play a crucial role in showing TATA IPL anywhere, anytime.”

“Our vision for this season’s TATA Indian Premier League on JioCinema is to make it the world’s biggest sporting spectacle. Our proposition is seeded in efforts to remove barriers for viewers such as accessibility, affordability, and language to scale up the league’s impact for advertisers and consumers alike,” said a Viacom18 Spokesperson.

“The JioCinema CricStream Showcase is an exhibit of how we aim to move the needle and achieve this. The exhibition is a curtain-raiser to the spectacular viewing experience consumers will enjoy during the TATA IPL and the endless opportunities that a brand and advertiser will be able to seize on our platform,” Viacom18 Spokesperson added.

The exhibition showcases JioCinema’s prime offerings for consumers during the TATA IPL, including 4K feed, multi-language and multi-cam presentation, interactivity through stats pack and Play Along feature. It also has a dedicated zone for offline activations planned to engage with the cricket-loving communities in the deepest pockets of the country.

The most unique proposition is the Jio Immersive Zone, which gives everyone a glimpse of watching the IPL through a 360-degree VR feed using JioDive.

For brands and advertisers, JioCinema has a dedicated zone that will demonstrate a new feature called ‘Brands You Love’, which will give advertisers additional exposure even after their ad is served. In the same zone, brands will be able to see all the ad assets available to leverage on JioCinema during the TATA IPL. Finally, the JioCinema Media Planner, a gamification experience, will give advertisers the choice to pick their budget and will immediately be showcased the benefits of picking digital.

The 2023 season of TATA Indian Premier League tips off March 31 with defending champions Gujarat Titans taking on Chennai Super Kings at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. All matches will be live on JioCinema for no cost this season.

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