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IPL 2023: Here’s what brands will have to shell out to advertise on JioCinema

JioCinema has put out four different types of offerings for IPL with CTV advertising rates on the basis of 10-second ad spots

JioCinema will be airing IPL for the first time at the end of March 2023, after Viacom18 bagged the digital streaming rights for Rs 23,758 crore last year for the 2023-2027 period. 

After the game-changer tactic of streaming IPL free in 11 regional languages, which will open the floodgate of audience, advertisers are now intrigued about the rates and advertising options being offered by JioCinema.

According to sources, JioCinema has put out four different types of ad rate offerings for IPL, which eventually after discounts will boil down to the rates more or less similar to what Disney+ Hotstar asked for in the 2022 edition of the tournament.

The basic pre and post-Live mid-rolls are pegged at Rs 200/CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for ROS (Run of Site)/non-targeted ads and Rs 250/CPM on target ones.

For pre-rolls during Live, the ROS rates are pegged to be around Rs 225/CPM and the targeted ads are put out at Rs 300/CPM. 

For highlights and short-shoulder content videos, the ROS ad rate demanded is Rs 150/CPM and Rs 200/CPM for the targeted ones. 

Interestingly, JioCinema will be selling CTV ads just like TV ad spots on a ten-second basis. The ad rate demanded for Connected TV is Rs 6 lakh per 10 seconds. 

According to a senior marketing professional, the amount demanded for CTV is going through the roof. “Star Sport is asking for Rs 16-17 lakh for 10 seconds ad, basis the size of all TV homes. On the other hand, the base for connected TV is roughly around 15-20 million and Rs 6 lakhs for such a base is very expensive.” 

On the other hand, Disney+ Hotstar’s CTV ad rates for IPL ranged between Rs 300-430/CPM for ten-second midroll ads on CTV in 2022.

JioCinema’s move of selling CTV on an ad spot basis versus CPM is being hailed by advertisers.

“I have always been pushing for buying on the basis of spots versus impressions because if you buy on the basis of impressions, you won't know how many spots of your ads are airing. Depending on the concurrency numbers and other factors, you might get 3-4 spots at best,” shared a media agency veteran. 

It is to be noted that Hotstar’s ad rates offered last year for IPL were more or less similar to JioCinema's. Even if it is slightly higher currently, advertisers are expecting that after negotiation, JioCinema ad rates would become at par with Hotstar. 

For regular midroll ads (Live+PPL Mobile), Hotstar charged between Rs 159-199/CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for ten seconds ads. The rates to advertise for a ten-second ad “Pre-roll Live” on Hotstar during IPL ranged between Rs 159-277/CPM. 

For the record, JioCinema claimed to reach close to 125 million audiences during the FIFA World Cup. If football had such a viewership, one can only imagine the reach of IPL when it happens. 

In its presentation to the advertisers, JioCinema wrote, “In a first, the platform will be offering separate Studio title Sponsorship, Sponsored segments and In-Show product integrations.”

JioCinema will also be promoting brand associations through OOH, Digital, TV, Social and influencer activations.

Just like FIFA World Cup, Hype Mode will also be available for viewers during the Live viewing of the IPL matches. 

Hype Mode allows users to view the game from various camera perspectives, get key information about the two competing teams, and even has a 10-second skip and rewind option, similar to what one sees on Netflix.

The Hype Mode offers quick insights into player statistics and other information.

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