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Spykar to increase its focus on influencer and digital marketing, says Sanjay Vakharia

In an interaction with, Vakharia, CEO, Spykar, spoke about the brand’s positioning and its marketing plans in 2023

Sanjay Vakharia

Spykar, the homegrown denim wear brand in India, has carved out a special place for itself in the country and is giving a tough competition to international brands like Levi’s. The brand is said to be one of the fastest-growing in the country.

Sanjay Vakharia, CEO, Spykar, spoke to about the brand’s plans in 2023 and also revealed other details about their strategy for reaching out to consumers. 

“We want to become the second-largest brand in denim in India, we are currently oscillating between number two and number three. 2023 will be an important year for us to get into that space. Spykar has a very unique place in India, it is probably the only brand that offers denim as ‘fashion’. The rest of the denim brands actually are vying for the ‘classic denim’ space. These guys actually fight with each other for the consumers. Whereas Spykar has a very unique positioning with respect to its consumers,” stated Vakahria. 

Marketing plans in 2023 

According to Vakharia, the brand will focus on content marketing and creating on-ground IPs to attract audiences this year. 

“Spykar is one of the largest offline denim players with a significant presence as far as retail stores are concerned. It’s a two-pronged strategy for Spykar; as far as our mediums are concerned. One is to speak to our audiences who are younger through digital, and to the existing audience who has experienced Spykar first-hand through our retail outlets.” 

“We will be doing a lot of affiliate marketing besides social media. We are going to go a little stronger and more bullish on creating on-ground properties and IPs for the brand. We'll have a 360-degree campaign built around certain properties which we can associate with. There will be a lot of on-ground events happening and digital and social media will also be important,” stated Vakharia. 

Talking about how will their marketing stand out from the other brands in categories he said, “At Spykar we have tried to walk away from having any one particular celebrity. That is because we talk to very young people who do not want to get typecast especially by celebrities who are talking to them. We feel that every young individual is a celebrity in their own way.” 

“Building IPs for brands has become very important because that way brands can control what content they put out. That is the way Spykar is also going to take. Content would be actually driving our communications across all these channels and we will be very high on content marketing,” he added. 

The brand has been working with an in-house team so far for all their marketing and advertising. Asked if they are on the lookout for creative partners, Vakahria said, “We are working with our own internal team for the last three years now and have been pretty happy with it. We have started to look out for partners who can work with Spykar.” 

Vakahria further revealed that they are also launching an intimate wear brand - called ‘under jeans’ - which will be rolled out soon. 

On social commerce 

According to Vakahria, while the brand is a big believer in reaching out through retail stores, e-commerce and social commerce platforms help serve customers better. 

“For sure e-commerce or social commerce is not competing with my offline space. All of them put together help us service our consumers better, from that perspective, I think we feel that we are very happy that there is another channel developing for us to reach audiences. Every sales channel brings in its own specific and targeted audiences. That eventually adds to the brand’s connection and opportunity to increase its revenues. From that perspective, it's one of the best things that can ever happen to a brand.” 

“We feel social commerce will grow the market and we'll have a very different set of people that we'll be able to talk to. We’ll have to do something interesting for them, we will have to create certain product lines which are meant for them,” he added.

Talking about the brand’s influencer strategy, Vakahria said, “Influencer marketing means the person is influencing the audience to buy your product. The traits and the characteristics of the influencer also have to add to the brand's value, and not take anything away from it. We are very conscious of the people that we work with, and who will eventually propagate spiker and amplify the brand.” 

“So going ahead, we are doing a lot of activities around influencers, I think at some point in time, we are going to kind of create a set of influencers who are more constant with Spykar,” he concluded.

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