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LinkedIn launches new marketing features to expand audience reach and promote virtual events

These new additions to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (LMS) will also provide marketers with deeper audience insights, making it easier to track campaign performance

Online professional network LinkedIn has launched new platform features that will help marketers easily reach new audiences with the right content, amplify brand presence, and drive business.

These new additions to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions (LMS) will also provide marketers with deeper audience insights, making it easier to track campaign performance.


Sachin Sharma, Director, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for India, said, “Navigating through the present volatility and unpredictability has made ‘time’ an even more valuable asset for marketers today, who continue to wear many hats and juggle many responsibilities. Ergo, understanding when and how to easily shift organic marketing activities to paid advertising for maximum impact is imperative. We’ve added new features to the LMS portfolio that will arm marketers with the right insights and resources to help marketers seamlessly reach more of their targeted audiences and grow their brand community, all while measuring impact in easier ways.”

Tools for marketers to grow their audience and amplify brand presence:


Boosting: Marketers can now “boost” any organic post that they notice is performing well, simply with the click of a button and a few payment details. This will help them turn organic posts into paid ads that appear on the LinkedIn feed, directly from their LinkedIn page. The new feature also helps marketers decide whether to boost posts in real-time based on performance, vs. putting money behind their strategy upfront.

Event Ads: This feature will help promote an event by highlighting key event details, like date, time, and how to join the event, to an entirely new audience, while also allowing members to learn if a mutual connection has expressed interest in attending. By appearing right in the LinkedIn feed, this new addition will also help marketers amplify their events with eye-catching ads to maximise attendance, and gain valuable insight into the impact of their Event spend.


Custom Streaming: LinkedIn data shows that LinkedIn Live streams have increased more than 400% year-over-year, in the past year. Custom Streaming helps marketers broadcast their LinkedIn Live streams more easily through streaming tools such as Zoom, WebEx, or OBS. In the coming months, LinkedIn will be enabling an option to go live with Microsoft Teams.

New analytics and measurement tools for deeper insight into audiences:


Event Analytics: Powered by LinkedIn data, this new tool will provide marketers and event organisers with aggregated insights into the reach, engagement, and firmographic metrics that will help them communicate the value of their events and optimise for future ones.

Mobile Page Analytics: With mobile page analytics, marketers can now measure performance ‘on-the-go’. This new analytics tool will provide insights into how a brand LinkedIn Page is performing, whether organic or paid, all from within the LinkedIn mobile app.

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