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Colors is back with second season of investigative thriller Dev

Dev 2, which deals with modern-day crime scenarios, will premiere on June 25 and will be telecast from Monday to Thursday at 10.30 pm

Colors is launching the second season of the investigative thriller fiction Dev2 on June 25, to be aired from Monday to Thursday at 10.30pm.

Aashish Chowdhry reprises the titular role of detective Dev Burman and is joined by an ensemble cast of Jigyasa Singh, Pooja Bannerjee, Amit Dolawat and Joyshree Arora in pivotal roles. Produced by Peninsula Productions and IMRC entertainment, Dev 2 is replacing Belan Wali Bahu at the weekday primetime slot.

Manisha Sharma

Manisha Sharma, Programming Head, Colors, said, “Crime as a genre is big in the rest of the world but in India we have just one or two shows of such nature in the Hindi general entertainment space. Dev is our endeavour to open up the gates to such genres. Dev’s character has been very interestingly etched out where on one hand he wants to save the world at any cost but on the other hand he has to battle his personal demons. Ashish Chowdhry and the rest of the ensemble cast have done a great job portraying their characters. The show has slick production values and deals with modern day crime scenarios like stalking young girls or girls being blackmailed and forced into prostitution.”

Alind Srivastava, Nissar Parvez and Rajesh Chaddha from Peninsula Pictures and IMRC entertainment, in a joint statement, said, “The show is edgy, action-packed and filled with multiple twists that traces Dev’s journey back to his past and its implications in his life in the present day. His reclusive persona and intuitive approach and most of all his tragic love life have struck a chord with the viewers that led us to writing the second edition of the series. We hope to keep the audiences at the edge of their seats in this season as well.”

The popular investigative thriller is the perfect amalgamation of mystery, drama, action and emotion that will witness Dev battling con artists, sociopaths, psychopaths and revenge junkies. Dev, with his keen eye for detail, will continue to solve mysteries in his own unique ways and analyse the most perplexed situations with ease.

As penance for acting against the law, Dev now works as a police consultant; ever so grudgingly, of course. His relationship with his pregnant wife is now even in murkier territory as he believes she is in cohorts with his estranged father.

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