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“I was writing rhyme scheme lines for the common man,” says actor Ranveer Singh reminiscing his advertising days

At the International Advertising Association (IAA) Leadership Awards, Singh won the Brand Endorser of the year award

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh said that he wanted to pursue advertising as a career and he had a knack for writing ‘rhyme scheme lines for the common man’.

Singh shared his memories from the past after winning the Brand Endorser of the Year at the International Advertising Association (IAA) Leadership Awards.

“I wrote my first line when I was 15 or 16, I won a competition for copywriting. I asked my uncle if I could do this as a profession, and he said, yes," Singh said recalling his early days.

Before becoming an actor, Singh was working as a young copywriter and he has been mentored by many industry leaders. That is one of the reasons why Singh was present throughout the event, catching up with his industry friends and sharing memories from the days gone by.

Singh spoke about his education at Indiana University Bloomington, in the US, he said, “I started studying advertising and I thought I will do an advertising job overseas with a big agency and that is how I planned my life. Meanwhile, I interned with JWT and O&M and realised that I do have a future in advertising.”

“I was outselling the creative directors. They were writing cerebral ads thinking it will make huge in Cannes while I was writing rhyme scheme lines for the common man. For Goodknight I wrote, ‘Coil tha hara, macchhar nahi mara? Le aaiye laal aur dikhiye kamaal’, the people from the Goodknight team liked the idea,” he added.

Singh’s first film, ‘Band Baaja Baarat’ was released in the year 2010 and it was a huge success, at that time he was getting numerous brands for endorsement, but he was advised to wait it out and play patiently.

He recalls that he had to wait a long time for brands to consider him as their ambassador after that. He said, “I had to wait four years for brands to come to me again after my second movie was a flop. I was getting an itch because I had certain aspirations. I wanted to hold a product too like celebrities and saying, ‘Ting’.”

Singh’s first ad was with Durex Condoms, for which he wrote the copy himself. 

He also thanked the advertising industry profusely for everything they have given to him both in terms of recognition and for adding to his personality in his formative years. 


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