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Dubverse.ai to utilise funding raised recently for improving the AI to get it more accurate and contextual

The platform, founded in 2021, has been helping institutions across India and the globe to dub videos and has recently raised $800 thousand in seed funding

(L-R) Varshul, Anuja Dhawan, Co-Founders, Dubverse

Dubvesrse.ai, a SaaS start-up founded in the year 2021, has been helping creators to dub their videos in more than 30+ different languages. It recently raised $800 thousand in seed funding from Kalaari Capital and the founders wish to invest it in improving the app.

Speaking on the idea behind creating such a platform, Varshul CW, Co-Founder, Dubverse.ai, said, “India is a multi-lingual country. There is a huge amount of language barrier that exists. 90% of Indians would like to consume content in their own language, so that's where the inspiration comes from to create this platform. We wanted to solve that problem for creators to reach the audiences without having to go through this language barrier.”

In April, Dubverse.ai launched this self-service product and onboarded 200+ users who produced 2000+ videos in 30+ languages. With over 10 million words in their database, AI models are programmed to provide more contextual dubbing output. Each user brings a distinct element of content creation to the platform, allowing it to grow sustainably.

The co-founders plan on improving the platform with the funds raised. Varshul said, “We are working on the AI to get it more accurate, as well as contextual, and on the product side we will be making it easy for users to have a better output quality.”

In India, short-form content monthly active users have increased 1.37 times and daily active users have increased 1.1 times since June 2020, making it one of the fastest-growing marketplaces.

The start-up has a diverse range of users, including marketers, agencies, media firms, and course producers. The user groups have different needs, such as expanding their reach by entering new countries or improving product adoption by presenting information in native languages. HP, Glenmark Aquatic Foundation, Vyapar, and Lead School are a few brands that have been leveraging the platform to create multilingual content across use cases such as educational content, product explainers, training, and up-skilling courses amongst others. 

While talking about the challenges faced in building the platform, Anuja Dhawan, Co-Founder at Dubverse, said, “While the internet has been kind to us even after launching during the pandemic, one of the major challenges that we are facing is there is a vast market that we want to cover while offering them a product that can help them crossing the language barrier, the challenge is how do we take everyone on board and take them on a journey with us. We have to find ways to make our execution better.”

On the other hand, Varshal said, “Establishing our own category is a challenge according to me and building our brand in this niche category is something that we are working on rigorously since the idea is very new, it will take time for people to understand it.”

Dubverse aims to work with media houses and publications to help them reach audiences. The company has not started marketing the platform. They are banking on organic traction through social media. However, Anuja said, “We want to dwell into video content through YouTube majorly and educate the audiences, and creators about the possibilities of AI.”

The platform first wants to ace the video form and later get into words, enabling it to dub audio content as well in the future.


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