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Eight brands that need to re-invent themselves

One needs to reinvent time and again to stay relevant and the same rule applies to brands. Here are a few brands that could do with a little makeover if they want to stay afloat

Change is the only constant -- in short, a very important aspect of life. In a fast-changing world, it is imperative for everyone to adapt and adjust themselves to change and brands are no exception.
To stay relevant, one needs to reinvent time and again and the same applies to brands. spoke to a few industry veterans to figure out a few brands that could do with a little fairy godmother-esque makeover.

Air India

Just the name Air India brings forth the image of the red clad “Maharaja” with his trademark twirling moustache and turban. The national carrier once tried to re-invent itself by swapping its iconic mascot for a hipper version of the “Maharaja” taking a selfie, which obviously didn’t go down very well and Air India had to bring the trusty Maharaja back. Today, one can’t deny the fact that Air India is in deep waters and this might be the right time for the brand to do some introspection and re-invent itself.


While other brands out there, like Bajaj, are appealing to the young by positioning themselves as the new age bikes and focusing on design and performance, TVS is still trying to find its footing. Their last communication for TVS Victor talked about bringing smiles to the faces of your loved ones and that just isn’t cutting it for the brand.



Nirma is synonymous with its four iconic ladies -- Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma. Its extremely catchy jingle is still hum-worthy and remembered fondly. But the brand sort of lost its charm when it brought in Hrithik Roshan to dance to its tunes in its latest ad campaign. The brand has tried to change with changing times but competitors like Ariel have already created a lasting impression and Nirma might want to up its ante to rival that.



Pidilite has some interesting products to offer to the public but very little is being said about these offerings. Fevicol, from Pidilite, has come up with some very interesting communication in the past but not so much in recent times. The brand needs to re-invent itself a little bit to stay relevant in these changing times.


The life insurance giant has been around for ages and enjoys a loyal customer base. But how relevant is it to today’s youth, who are, in all fairness, tomorrow’s promise? While brands such as PNB MetLife are winning much appreciation for their take on life insurance, LIC is still trying to adhering to old tropes and formulae. Time for a little revamp maybe?


The ‘Liril girl’ shot to instant fame while bathing under a waterfall and years down the line, she is still bathing under a waterfall, looking ridiculously happy. Sure, the girls have changed but the brand has neither changed its message nor what it is offering. While competitors such as Dove have moved on to speak about things like ‘real beauty’, Liril is still trying to harness the freshness quotient. Probably, the brand needs to get out from under the waterfall and look at itself a little clearly.


Once upon a time, LG was the leader and Samsung was the challenger but today Samsung is a strong global brand and LG is slowly fading. The brand needs to look at many aspects like design, product offering and performance if it wants to stay relevant in the ever changing field of technology.


Starbucks changed the game when it came into the market. Today Barista is struggling to stay relevant in front of Starbucks’s fancy coffees and its Instagram-ness. Barista will need to re-invent itself and fast if it still wants to stay in the game.

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