Entering the CID-verse of advertisements

Brands have been creatively incorporating CID characters Daya, Abhijeet, and ACP Pradyuman and their signature catchphrases into their campaigns, adding a nostalgic and entertaining twist to their marketing strategies

Niveditha Kalyanaraman
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New Delhi: The iconic TV show "CID" once captivated Indian audiences for decades with its thrilling crime-solving adventures and memorable characters. 

The trio of Daya, Abhijeet, and ACP Pradyuman were loved by the audiences and they became iconic on television.

While the show was shut, the trio of Daya, Abhijeet, and ACP Pradyuman: the beloved CID characters, continue to step out of the television screen and into the world of advertising. 

Leveraging the show's enduring popularity, brands have been creatively incorporating CID's detectives and their signature catchphrases into their campaigns, adding a nostalgic and entertaining twist to their marketing strategies. 

This trend not only appeals to the show's vast fan base but also brings a fresh, engaging approach to brand storytelling in India.

BestMediaInfo has curated ads that have infused CID characters including ones by Colgate, Nykaa, Axis Mutual Fund, boAt, Dunzo Daily and GoMechanic. 

1. CID team joins Colgate’s new MaxFresh goof-up hunt

A year following the launch of Colgate’s Palmolive’s (India) 'Neend Bhagao, Taazgi Jagao' campaign, the cast of CID, an Indian police procedural television series, has given it a playful investigation twist.

The film showcases the CID cast revisiting the scene of a groggy doctor in an operating room, humorously depicted with a bed strapped to his back. To awaken him, the senior nurse offers Colgate Maxfresh, aiming to put him on high alert. The protagonist, ACP Pradyuman delves deeper to uncover a significant flaw they observed in the ad. 

In this whimsical narrative, ACP Pradyuman humorously suggests that the ad makers were asleep during the shoot. The discrepancy in the doctor's drowsy state and the timing change prompts CID to conduct a 'post-mortem' of the ad. 

Towards the end, the film playfully breaks the characters' fourth wall, inviting viewers to spot more goof-ups after watching the ad. The people who can spot the mistakes will get the brand hampers. 

2. Anup Soni warns off and CID solve the mystery to catch the boAt killer

The campaign commences with a film starring Pandya on a film set. In a comical turn of events, the set is suddenly swarmed by police officers in a raid. Initially puzzled, Pandya soon realises that they are not after him but are, in fact, on a mission to apprehend the "Killer" deals available on boAt products.

The campaign's second film takes viewers on a nostalgic journey as it features beloved characters from the iconic Indian crime shows CID and Crime Patrol. The detectives embark on a quest to catch a killer, only to discover that the true "Killer" in question is none other than the irresistible deals on boAt products.

3. ACP Pradyuman and Daya investigate skin problems with Nykaa

Nykaa has unveiled a campaign with CID’s ACP Pradyuman and Daya teaming up again, diving deep into skincare. 

This campaign fuses the world of skincare with the catchphrases of CID to educate viewers on the essential Cleanser, Serum, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen (CSMS) skincare routine.

4. Axis Mutual Fund’s multiverse unites ACP Pradyumn and Arnab Goswami

Axis Mutual Fund's #TaxFever campaign uses humor and popular TV personalities like Arnab Goswami and ACP Pradyuman to highlight the issue of procrastination in tax-saving investments. 

Developed in partnership with Mirum India, the campaign aims to prompt early tax planning by satirizing common delays in financial preparation.

In the first film, a lookalike of Arnab Goswami interrogates Karan, a young salaried individual who has procrastinated on tax planning. In the second film, a police inspector investigates Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra, a couple who have neglected early tax planning and wealth building.

5. Dunzo ropes ropes in ACP Pradyumn for his iconic CID phrases  

Dunzo signed actor Shivaji Satam, famous for his role as ACP Pradyuman in 'CID', for its Dunzo Daily campaign in Pune. 

In his first video for the brand, Satam uses his iconic 'CID' catchphrases to highlight Dunzo Daily’s promise of delivering essentials in under 19 minutes. The campaign film, created by Dunzo’s in-house team led by Sai Ganesh and shot by Basta Films, was released on Dunzo’s official social media channels.

6. GoMechanic ‘inspects’ cars with CID crew 

GoMechanic unveiled a campaign for its fast servicing proposition. The popular CID trio can be seen lazing in the living room as the dread of taking their car for servicing looms. 

The CID crew use GoMechanic’s servicing and successfully inspect their servicing’s inspection. 

7. Go365 and ACP Pradyuman address joint pain 

ACP Pradyuman addresses the popular CID fascination of ‘breaking doors’ and humourously integrates it into his message of during joint pain with Go365 ointment. 

He plays the typical role of an advisor, a companion who nudges gently, at the medicinal properties of the ointment and asks the audience to prioritise their health. 

8.  ACP Pradyuman investigates Toyota’s car servicing

ACP Pradyuman is left in suspicion in both the ad film's as his employee in the first film and a suspect in the second film, go on and on about a car service that costs cheap and is fast. 

Upon met with the reality at the showroom, he stands corrected and is surprisingly happy. 

9. ACP Pradyuman raises diabetes awareness with Control D

Control D and ACP Pradyuman take an informative stance as his character from CID is worshipped in households for his boldness. 

Pradyuman reminds people to take the diabetes test using Control D’s portable tester. 

The film culminates with his daughter reminding him to take the test, thus coming full circle with authenticity. 

10. Daya tries different styles of breaking doors with MPL

MPL leverages popular CID phrase ‘Daya, darwaza tod do’ with character Daya as he's seen experimenting with his ways of breaking doors in different scenarios. 

The film culminates with the reminder that Daya knows his game and now it's the audience’s turn to get on with it on MPL. 

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