Star Sports introduces exciting new opportunities for brands on IPL 2024!

Challenging the misconception of entry barriers for brands, the broadcaster has introduced new and exciting opportunities enabling participation across budgets and brand goals

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Star Sports introduces exciting new opportunities for brands on IPL 2024!

The TV broadcast of the Indian Premier League unlocked an unrivalled scale for advertisers, clocking over 500 million viewers for the first time in 2023. Since then, cricket on television has broken all past viewership records, and reliable measurability coupled with the highest impact potential drove brands to the medium through the year.

Major cricketing events in 2023 witnessed a massive turnout of both large and growing brands as over 300 brands advertised on TV. Large brands like HUL, Airtel, Mahindra Auto, Emirates, Parle Products, Tata Neu, Britannia and growing brands like Happilo, Joy Cosmetics, SENCO Gold, Nippon Paints, Godavri (Eblu) leveraged TV associations on these megaevents.

Come IPL 2024, Star Sports has introduced a plethora of opportunities enabling advertiser participation across budgets and goals.

Maiden partnership opportunities for brands – Star Sports has introduced a wide array of customised and contextual partnership opportunities on the largest platform, that is IPL on TV. Exclusive associations targeting categories such as but not limited to Lifestyle, Luggage, Health, Snacking, Nutrition, Beauty, Airline, Grooming, Technology can be leveraged by brands to accentuate their proposition and deepen their association with viewers. Brands will be able to go beyond FCTs and leverage assets like live features, branded capsules and live bugs, which will allow brands to enhance brand recall and own the association among their category.

Sharper targeting at scale on TV – Brands will be able to advertise more flexibly than they ever could in the past with the broadcaster introducing focused media buying opportunities with IPL on television. Now brands can buy ads spots for specific geographies such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, etc. as well as do franchise-focused buys enabling significantly higher concentration among key markets at an unparalleled scale.

Disruptive bite-sized assets – Brands will now be able to leverage high-impact, bite-sized assets during IPL on Star Sports. A wide variety of assets such as squeeze-ups, push-backs and other graphical elements can now be bought on a daily, weekly, and fortnightly basis. For brands that want to drive high salience, call to action or moment ownership these assets provide a low outlay high impact opportunity for brands this IPL on TV.

Startup powerplay – The broadcaster recently announced a game-changing innovation designed for early-age startups to bring alive their brand or product story in a crisp 60-second communication on the biggest property in TV media – IPL. The ad will be strategically positioned during the live telecast of matches at the pre-decided positioning of the first spot during the Strategic Timeout or closer to the start of the match, both positions where the viewer is attentively tuned in to the game. The USP of Startup Powerplay is that it provides complete brand exclusivity to the advertiser as only one startup per day will be allowed to leverage this property. At a special, attractive price, startups can choose any IPL match of their choice to leverage the product.

Ajit Varghese, Head – Network Ad Sales at Disney Star believes IPL 2024 on Star Sports will be a year of significant value creation for brands. He said, “Our client conversations around IPL have shifted focus from pricing to value creation, be it through our platform, innovations, or contextual advertising. Beyond traditional advertising, brands are increasingly leveraging brand integrations within cricket programming on TV and implementing associative marketing strategies through branded content, customized solutions, brand integrations, innovations and much more.”

With the power of unmatched platform reach, affordable participation at scale and a plethora of opportunities customized as per brand objectives, IPL 2024 on TV is set to be a game-changer for advertisers.

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