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Twitter reinstates free ‘verified’ checkmark for top 10k most followed users and brands

Since Twitter’s main ‘For You’ feed now gives recommendations from verified profiles only, the microblogging platform has resorted to giving free ‘verified’ checkmarks, blue and gold ticks, to the top 10k most followed users and brands, respectively

Elon Musk’s plan for Twitter 2.0 which had been mainly focussed at generating 50% of the company’s revenue from subscriptions, as a means to bring in more money and to reduce the platform’s dependability on ad money, seems to be going off the tracks, just a few days after inception.

Recently, on April 20, Twitter had wound up its ‘legacy’ verified checkmarks, as a result of which many of public figures - including celebrities, government officials, brands, journalists, etc. - lost their blue tick. 

In the aftermath of this, several prominent figures publicly announced that they wouldn’t subscribe to Twitter Blue.

As per reports, out of the earlier 407k legacy verified profiles, only around 19k profiles had subscribed to Twitter Blue.

However, on Saturday, several previously verified accounts had their check marks reinstated despite not paying for it. Initially it seemed that high-profile users, who had been critical of Twitter Blue, were being targeted for reinstatement, which could have given the impression that they had paid. 

However, as the day progressed, more and more previously verified profiles, including those of deceased celebrities, had their verification markers reappear.

Majority of accounts that had over a million followers were able to regain their blue tick back, even if they didn't sign up for Twitter Blue. Additionally, some of these accounts had never been verified before.

Twitter gave the check marks back to around 10k of the most followed profiles. Now, the top 10k most followed users and top 10k most followed brands have free blue and gold ticks, respectively. This move by Twitter is aimed at retaining credibility and generating interest in its subscription revenue push.

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