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Twitter extends last date for legacy Blue checks removal

Elon Musk, in a cryptic tweet, announced that the microblogging platform has changed the final date for removing the 14-year-old legacy Blue checkmark, commonly known as verified tick

The microblogging platform, Twitter, has now extended the last date for the removal of its 14-years old legacy Blue checkmark which was given to genuine and verified accounts of celebrities, politicians, companies, etc. that are ‘of public interest’ to April 20. 

Confirming the recent development was the Chief Twit himself, who in a cryptic tweet, shared that the final date for removing legacy Blue checks has now changed to ‘4/20’ - which as per Twitterati is known as the ‘high-time’ amongst cannabis consumers.

With the going away of legacy Blue checkmarks, Twitteratis, apart from businesses, and government entities and officials, will have no option but to subscribe to its paid verification service ‘Twitter Blue’ that has gone live across the globe, recently.

Twitter Blue is already up and running in India for over a month now and is available at a monthly purchase price of Rs 650 and Rs 900 on web and smartphones, respectively. Moreover, with a discount on annual subscription, Twitter Blue costs Rs 566.57 per month in India.

While ‘Blue verified’ business profiles on the platform will get a golden checkmark, government and multilayers accounts will get a grey checkmark.  

Earlier on, Twitter announced that starting April 1 it will begin winding up its ‘legacy verified program’ and remove the legacy Blue checkmarks. 

When Musk acquired Twitter last year in a $44 billion deal, he had referred to the legacy verified program as ‘corrupt’. 

In fact, prior to the rollout of Twitter Blue, the microblogging platform had more than 420,000 verified accounts, but after the takeover by Musk, the wordings on the description of legacy verified accounts were also changed to say that they ‘may or may not be notable.’

“Far too many corrupt legacy Blue ‘verification’ checkmarks exist, so no choice but to remove legacy Blue in coming months,” he had replied on Twitter to a user at the time.

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