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Twitter to soon allow media publishers to charge users on a per article basis

As per Elon Musk, CEO, Twitter, this would be a “win-win for both media organisations and the public”

The microblogging Twitter will soon allow media publishers to charge users on a per article basis with one click, as per Elon Musk, CEO, Twitter.

Musk took to Twitter to announce the new development.

“Rolling out next month, this platform will allow media publishers to charge users on a per article basis with one click. This enables users who would not sign up for a monthly subscription to pay a higher per article price for when they want to read an occasional article. Should be a major win-win for both media orgs and the public,” his tweet read.


This comes at a time when the microblogging platform is attempting to lure creators globally to begin monetising their content through Subscriptions (formerly known as Super Follows).

Following Musk’s Tweet was a series of replies wherein Twitteratis lauded the platform for working for both “freedom of speech” and “freedom of choice”.

“Twitter is now the most innovative social media platform - it went from stagnant, boring, and moderated to exciting, fun, and transparent. New features are constantly rolling out, and its where breaking news is shared first. Engagement is at an all-time high - optimizing “unregretted user minutes” - and new creators are being platformed daily,” a user mentioned.

Some of the Twitter users also went on to suggest that this would have been smart if Twitter blue tick subscribers were given access to articles published by media houses without additional payment.

“This way, you would boost blue tick subscription, create utility for the blue tick while helping media houses to make profit,” a user wrote.

On the contrary, some other users also responded to Musk’s tweet by questioning, “How is it a win for the public to have to pay to read an article? I get that’s a win for publishers but why would it be a win for readers?”

Additionally, some of the users also expressed the concern that this feature would actually limit the functionality of paywall. “This makes it brick by brick instead of a wall,” the user wrote.


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