Is JioCinema's IPL promo really taking a jab at Star Sports?

Speaking to, various players from the Indian advertising landscape shared the notion that JioCinema's 'Digital India Ka Digital Tata IPL' ad is truly spot on not just because it is starring MS Dhoni but because it is actually stating that digital has more features to offer than linear television

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Is JioCinema's IPL promo really taking a jab at Star Sports?

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Conceptualised by Ogilvy India, JioCinema’s ‘Digital India Ka Digital Tata IPL’ ad has become a hot topic of discussion in the adland for ‘taking a dig’ either at Star Sports or at TV as a medium for it is a ‘satire on the redundancy of appointment viewing’. 

The promo campaign of JioCinema features Mirzapur’s Golu steering Patal Lok’s Hathoda Tyagi away from the TV screen saying “Aao tumhe JioCinema pe asli IPL dikhaye,” the latter communication lines echo to the music of, “Chal old tareeka chhod, dekh naya andaaz, by God kasam digital ki, alag hai iska class.”

Furthermore, the TVC also mentions, “Chal chhod de tu, chhod de, Idiot box ka tension” and “ye hai manoranjan, full manoranjan, ab on Digital.” Therefore, while there is a mention of ‘digital’ multiple times, there is no mention of Star Sports. 

JioCinema’s ad campaign for IPL 2023-

Therefore, decided to talk to industry players from the adland and clear the air around the same and come at a just conclusion because while some claim that the ad is an actual dig at ‘Star Sports’, there are professionals who believe that it is stating the obvious- TV viewership is on a slow-decline and the reason behind it is the increasing penetration and adoption of digital.

As per industry sources, who spoke under conditions of anonymity, Ogilvy has always focussed on bringing the ‘product’ at the core of their campaigns albeit in the case of Mondelez’s ‘Not Just a Cadbury Ad’ or BJP’s iconic ‘Achhe Din Aane Waale Hai’ to Fevikwik’s ‘Todo Nahi, Jodo!’ and so on and so forth. 

“Therefore, this time around as well, Ogilvy India - which is the creative brain behind Jio’s IPL ad - did a similar thing and saying that it is a jibe at Star doesn’t make sense because all that they have done is stating the obvious, i.e- digital is eating into the TV viewership,” the source opined.

Mukund Olety

In an earlier story - on which of the two between Star Sports or JioCinema has hit the bull’s eye in its communication - a differing viewpoint was brought forth by Mukund Olety, CCO, VMLY&R, when he quipped that Jio has definitely taken a jibe at Star Sports and emphasised, “since the content is the same, they ought to have played on the features and the experience of watching it on a digital platform, which they have.”

Furthermore, he also added that “calling it not just Tata IPL but Digital Tata IPL is a smart one because it clearly brings out the differentiation.”

Siddhartha Singh

As per Siddhartha Singh, Managing Partner and COO, Infectious Advertising, too, JioCinema has definitely sneered at Star Sports in its campaign and in a smart manner. 

“As JioCinema has put the control back in the consumer's hands, so somewhere it makes one lean into the experience- something that the consumer wants today,” he added.

Rahul Gupta

According to Rahul Gupta, Founder and Creative Director, By Design (formerly IBD India), one can term it as taking a jibe, however, “what Jio has essentially tried to do is redirect users to their platform rather than the traditional viewing media, more so by emphasising the features that are not available while viewing on television.”

He also pointed out that JioCinema riding on Dhoni’s brand value and his long-lasting association with IPL or Indian cricket as a whole, is of course a ‘sure shot’ way to appeal to the masses.

“It’s a tried and tested strategy over the years. The fact that this could be his last IPL is the cherry on top. Although, on the other hand, with the World Cup around the corner, having three main cricketers (in Star Sports promo) come together in one ad speaks to youth at large.”

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