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BlinkIt and Zomato’s latest edition of Bollywood inspired outdoor ads takes the internet by storm

It started after the Instagram handles of both BlinkIt and Zomato rolled out a collaborative post on the Bollywood rendition of the iconic dialogue ‘Tum Doodh Mangoge, Hum Kheer Denge’ and launched a contest inviting brands to put their creative hats on

With social media and digital marketing on the rise, various brands have opted for their personalised Bollywood renditions and associated their product offerings with iconic dialogues, movies or even songs.

Jumping on the bandwagon, BlinkIt and Zomato both took to Instagram to post their ‘insta collab featuring a billboard collab’ and kickstarted a contest through their story, wherein they extended an invitation to other brands to pick up on the trend and use their creative geekiness to latch on to it.


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While the image showcased the BlinkIt hoarding stating ‘Doodh Mangoge, Doodh Denge’, it was Zomato’s hoarding which mentioned ‘Kheer Mangoge, Kheer Denge’ which actually completed the iconic dialogue in a witty Zomato-BlinkIt way.

Keeping up the social media banter, several brands picked up on the trend and posted their own versions of the dialogue which were later even reposted on the story section of both Zomato and BlinkIt.

Some of the many brands that gave their personalised touch to the creative posted by BlinkIt and Zomato include - Netflix, Prega News, iTel, Astral Pipes, Yubi, McCain, etc.


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From FMCG to travel to entertainment to smartphones, brands operating in various industries took the opportunity and kept the post trending all over social media platforms making it very popular and a regular on Instagram feeds.


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Earlier, BlinkIt and Zomato had taken the route of outdoor ads to amplify their parodies of popular Bollywood movie names, songs, dialogues, etc.

BlinkIt had also blown away the consumers by using the lyrics of popular Bollywood songs and had integrated them with their product offerings with funny takes on the same.

Some of the popular BlinkIt hoardings images that were making rounds on the internet back then read- ‘Dal Kaisa hai janab ka?’, ‘Apna Lime Ayega’, ‘Chakna Mereya Mereya’, etc.

Zomato had completed the acquisition of the quick commerce company- BlinkIt in August last year, in a Rs 4,447 crore all-stock deal.

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