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“Hook lines of ads stay with people, thereby giving brands a chance to be a part of people’s memory”: Keigan Pinto of FCB Ulka

On day three of Goafest 2022, Pinto conducted a workshop talking about the importance of music in advertising

Keigan Pinto

Music connects and stays with people for an extended period of time and that is why its usage in ads make them connect more easily and more memorable for people, said Keigan Pinto, Chief Creative Officer, FCB Ulka.

Pinto was conducting a workshop on day three of Goafest 2022 on the topic of the aspects of the creation of music for ads.

AAAI’s Goafest 2022 saw many such insightful workshops being held to discuss several topics ranging from content creation to advertising in various formats.

Pinto, who is also a music composer/lyricist, said, “Music connects us and stays with us for a longer period of time. Many people hear something in their childhood and they carry it in their memory throughout their life. Remember the Manthan ad of Amul, or the ‘Ting Ting Tiding’ sound of Britannia, one can easily determine the brand with the music. Hook lines of the ads stay with people, thereby giving brands a chance to be a part of people’s memory.”

Music is a crucial part of advertising and has played a key role in some of the best campaigns that have kept the audience engaged and made the catchphrases a part of their busy days. Pinto who is musician-turned-advertising personnel, tries to leverage it for the brands FCB Ulka works with.

Throughout the session, Pinto showed the ads that he has worked on and shared insights about them. One of the interesting ads was Instagram’s #feelit #reelit campaign. Sung by Jonita Gandhi and Arman Malik, the ad created by Pinto is one of the quirkiest pieces of work which he talked about during the session. 

Pinto discussed the nuances of creating music and concepts that audiences could relate to. Another one of his campaigns, which is still remembered by many, “Bande Ache Hain” for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance in 2013 was also discussed.

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