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Axis My India urges young workforce to join the company with ‘Mission India’ campaign

With the campaign the company inspires youth to contribute to its mission of improving and connecting 25 crore Indian households

Axis My India, the consumer data intelligence company, has announced the launch of ‘Mission India’, a digital campaign to inspire and spread awareness among the youth to join the company in its mission to improve the lives of 25 crore households in the country.

Encouraging exceptional individuals to join the force, the company is looking to attract talent in Technology, Analytics, Research, Marketing and Operations.  

The campaign video depicts the story of a common man who is committed towards the duty for the nation. He does it all from hosting presentations in his swanky office to effortlessly interacting with villagers in rural India. While the man takes pride in being a part of Axis My India’s mission, the intertwined fearless lyrical rhythm captures his unbreakable spirit. The campaign additionally weaves in a voiceover detailing the requirement of 5,000 Indians who would be ready to ‘report for duty, when India calls’.  

Pradeep Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, Axis My India, said, “At Axis My India we strongly believe in continuously working towards maintaining an evolving culture that provides desired impetus to our workforce with sustained growth trajectory. This is the pivot of our resolve to work towards increasing our contribution to the country's growth. For the same we are looking at like-minded individuals who are driven by a bigger purpose than their own. The purpose of building a more connected India and improving the lives of 25 crore Indians against the face of minor sacrifices. We are thus searching for strong-willed individuals who mirror this unique melange of our beliefs, values knitted to ‘Mission India’.” 

The campaign has been created by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi. 

Raghu Bhat, Co-founder, Scarecrow-M&C Saatchi, said, “The  journey of Axis My India is truly amazing. But what is even more inspiring is its vision to make a difference to the life of 25 crore Indians. Our campaign objective is to create an army of nation-builders who are hard-working, passionate and patriotic. But we also wanted to communicate the values and ethos of Axis My India so that we are able to attract the correct profile of employees. Instead of a normal recruitment ad, we chose to use story-telling. The creative idea was to project the employee as a soldier reporting for duty. We chose a protagonist who leaves the sanctuary of a comfortable home and a secure job in a bank and undertakes an inspiring journey to follow his dreams of building India. Axis My India is a one of-its-kind brand that marries technology, data, market research with a sacred purpose – making India better. We are confident that this campaign will resonate with job seekers who are looking for something beyond a job.” 

'Mission India' digital campaign is directed by Nisha Ramakrishnan and shot by GAP Entertainment. The campaign’s main purposes is to drive talent acquisition combining an emotional and aspirational narrative.

It targets top postgraduate/graduate candidates from IITs, NITs, IIM among others.

The digital campaign will be released on YouTube, Facebook  LinkedIn, Twitter, Google among others.

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