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For Blink Digital, getting rewarded on a day-to-day basis is more important than winning awards: Dooj Ramchandani

Speaking to, Ramchandani, Co-founder and CCO, Blink Digital, also stated that the agency is looking at three focus areas- creativity, technology and D2C space for growth in 2023

With Blink Digital completing a decade of being in business, the growth has been quite high owing to the tremendous rise of digital mediums in lieu of the pandemic, as per Dooj Ramchandani, Co-founder and CCO of the agency.

“Earlier, the percentage spending on digital was limited to single digits in the advertisers’ media mix, but today it accounts for a much bigger pie or even more than half of the total ad-spends sometimes,” Ramchandani said.

He also went on to add that digital mediums have grown from both - advertising and experiential perspective.

“Most brands are using digital experiences like the Metaverse and we’ve been pioneering in the virtual space with the first smartphone unboxing, first fashion show, or even the first hospital launch in the Metaverse for our clients like OnePlus, Blenders Pride and Yashoda Hospital,” he said.

Upon being questioned as to what would be some of the major factors that have led to the growth of the digital landscape in the country, Ramchandani stated that the biggest factor for this transformation was the pandemic - wherein people were locked in and glued on to their devices and to the internet for content consumption.

He also added that both entertainment and commerce went completely digital during the pandemic, as all the stores were shut which is why everybody was shopping and making payments online.

“Even though things have normalised in the aftermath of the pandemic, I still think that those habits have not changed and people are still continuing to leverage digital mediums for their convenience - be it through cashless payments, watching content on OTT or even shopping online,” he stated.

Ramchandani also emphasised that when it comes to 2023, Blink Digital is looking at three major growth areas- creativity, technology and the D2C space, where even distribution is moving digital.

“Since a lot of brand building is happening on digital and the usage of innovative formats like Reels has gained momentum in terms of short-term and long-term activations which also have a significant impact on the sales. Similarly, a lot of brands today want to opt for providing digital experiences and leverage NFTs and Web3.0,” he added.

Commenting on the objectives set for Blink Digital, Ramchandani stated that the digital marketing agency aims to do the best possible work on the internet as the company’s philosophy is that the internet cannot be stopped.

To ensure that they meet their objective of doing some of the most outstanding work on the internet, Blink Digital has also expanded geographically and opened its offices in Amsterdam and Dubai apart from India, as per him.

Throwing light as to how data-led advertising, along with creativity, is responsible for creating magic, Ramchandani stated that if one truly wants to build a brand and have that connect with the people in the long-term, storytelling and creativity are something that are always going to stand out.

As per Ramchandani, the one thing or element that really helps Blink Digital to stand apart from its competitors is that they are truly integrated in terms of offerings and have always been the pioneers in digital and had done things which had set the benchmarks for great work in the industry.

“Our work and our culture are what separated us and having said that we have a great culture of autonomy - wherein people feel empowered and there's a lot of openness, transparency and trust,” he added.

Moreover, Ramchandani also ascertained that even though the agency has existed for more than a decade now and has been approached for acquisitions multiple times, in his view ‘independence’ is a very core value to the members of the digital marketing agency and that autonomy is something that they want to offer to everyone, hence the agency has no plans of joining hands with any other players.

“Because being independent is in our core DNA from the beginning, we plan to stay independent in future as well. But for growth, we’ve already been expanding both geographically and in terms of verticals,” he added.

Ramchandani also asserted that Blink Digital will soon be launching a separate entity for entertainment and that it is currently co-producing a movie for OTT.

Upon being questioned as to how important are industry awards for Blink Digital, Ramchandani stated that even though awards may be a good way to celebrate some of the work that one has done in the past, being on digital mediums and getting humongous traction is a feeling that not even awards can match with.

“We get rewarded on a day-to-day basis, rather than being awarded, when we see the kind of traction we’re actually getting on every post in terms of the likes, comments, etc which make a post or short video go viral,” he said.

Furthermore, he also went on to add that awards are a good way to celebrate success, but they are not the only way to cherish the success of one’s campaigns or work.

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