Upcoming Indian Men's cricket team tour of Bangladesh attracts multiple brands

MRF, Apple,Citroen, Karnataka Bank, ITC, Ibis among advertisers for the series, as per ITW Universe

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Upcoming Indian Men's cricket team tour of Bangladesh attracts multiple brands

When it comes to visibility, Cricket has always proved to be a sound investment for brands whether they are looking to establish themselves or meet their marketing goals.

As India tour Bangladesh in December the promise of a full-strength Indian team along with the return of Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, as well as a history of fiery contests between India and Bangladesh who are a tough opponent at home has brands excited to be part of the action.

Cricket has traditionally proved to be a great marketing launchpad, with the IPL setting the benchmark and bi-lateral tours proving to be an efficient and cost-effective option which coupled with innovative marketing techniques has shown a huge impact on overall ROI for legacy and new brands alike. Brands like Brigade Group, Ibis, Policy Bazaar, MRF, ITC etc have already signed up for ad slots during the 3 ODI, 2 Test series.

Whether it is showcasing a new product launch like Citroen, the French car manufacturer who be advertising during the series (its latest offering Citroen e-C3 set to hit Indian shores in early 2023) or a big movie release like Avatar 2: The Way of Water trying to drive audience interest, cricket offers myriad options.

“There is no doubt that Cricket is King in India, despite the ongoing Football World Cup. Bilateral series don’t have exorbitant rates like the IPL which makes it a better option for brands, and we have already signed up as many as 15 brands with the ad spots nearly completely sold out. The main draw of the series is the fact that all the big guns are back, and India tours Bangladesh after 7 years, the last time we had plenty of drama on and off the field. Additionally, most of the matches are being played during the weekend giving advertisers primetime real estate for a fraction of the cost. Brands are aware of this which is why they see the value in being a part of the series,” said Bhairav Shanth, Co-Founder of ITW Universe, who hold media syndication rights for the series.

The most exciting prospect for brands is the innovation on offer, this series will see a slew of Virtual 3D ads, adding to the overall viewer experience and engagement, a factor which no doubt attracted the promoters of ‘Avatar- The Way of Water’, the highly anticipated James Cameron sequel to the successful Avatar movie.

India’s tour of Bangladesh starts on December 4 with three ODIs followed by two Tests and will be broadcast across six channels in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on the Sony Pictures network as well as on DD Sports and will be available for streaming on Sony LIV.

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