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Decentralisation of information is necessary to avoid spillage of ad spends, says Gowthaman Ragothaman of Aqilliz

Ragothaman, CEO, Aqilliz, spoke about how the digital marketing ecosystem can get more value through decentralisation and why it is the need of the hour

Gowthaman Ragothaman

50% of advertising spends is currently being wasted because the digital advertising ecosystem is still figuring out how to identify the consumers in a cookie-less manner, said Gowthaman Ragothaman, CEO, Aqilliz.

Ragothaman was speaking at a session titled – ‘Decentralisation in Marketing’ which was held on Day 1 of 2022 ‘ZeeMELT’ event. 

According to Ragothaman, there is a need for the industry to provide neutral metrics and to be transparent and neutral in terms of how information is managed. He said that one of the biggest challenges in the advertising ecosystem is that advertisers have built their own stacks of technology to get information.

“This has led to structures that lack standardisation between information. We have ten ways to get information about this supply chain. However, there is a very poor understanding of the consumer journey. According to estimates, at least 40-plus data points are collected by a good data-heavy marketer that they need to analyse and that is not a good sign,” Ragothaman said. 

Ragothaman stated the need for decentralisation of information in the ecosystem. According to him, this can greatly improve the economic value of the digital marketing ecosystem. 

“Decentralisation is very important because we are poor in targeting and poor in reach. This can be solved if the entire ecosystem is put on a shared ledger and every person involved in the supply chain can see the information. Current centralisation puts all the information in one corner and therefore, people are not able to manage that information,” he stated. 

“Every technology stack that an advertiser has is managed by a third party and there is a need for this to stop because decentralisation can ensure that every single player has the access to information. For the information to be seamless at every stage, there needs to be decentralisation to avoid wastage,” he stated.

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