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Big FM forays into online web radio space with ‘BRO’

Big Radio Online will serve as a platform-agnostic audio space targeting the youth of Hindi-speaking markets with music and interactive shows

Big FM is set to venture into the online radio space with BRO – Big Radio Online, following the successful re-launch of into an OTT website. The platform will have a set of entertaining and inspiring shows targeted towards the youth. BRO is available on and aims to create an engaging and immersive experience for the young minds.

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Sunil Kumaran

Speaking at the launch, Sunil Kumaran, Country Head, Product, Marketing and Thwink Big, Big FM, said, “We realised there is a need gap that exists when it comes to media platforms of entertainment platforms, mostly in the digital space. We looked at this current landscape and realised that a gap exists. There is no single place where you can really look for entertainment that really connects at a deeper level with them and gives them the entire gamut of what they are looking for. So that's where the genesis of our brand came from.”

“BRO will be our streaming radio service catering to a younger audience. It leverages our strengths in the areas of content creation, strong regional insights and state-of-the-art production capabilities to bring a powerful offering. While Big FM caters to a mature audience, BRO will focus on the young and the young at heart. The shows on the platform are designed on deep consumer insights and are a reflection of the attitudes and lifestyle of young India. It also takes into account that the youth today is very participative and need to express themselves.  The shows being online, the platform is accessible 24/7 from anywhere, anytime, giving them the opportunity to engage with the platform on the go,” he added.

 Abraham Thomas, CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited, said, “BRO is an important milestone in our journey as a radio network towards evolving into an audio entertainment company. In the ‘new normal’, digital audio will be an integral part of FM radio, and the attempt is to leverage our strength in local insights, local influencers and storytelling to cater to the emerging new audience and maximise the true potential of radio and digital to the maximum. Embracing technology with digital-led solutions, BRO serves as the perfect platform for young adults who seek content that is entertaining as well as motivating. We are extremely excited to have curated such a thought-provoking platform that inspires the youth to make a positive change in the society.”

Kumaran said the platform will have shows for every aspect of the youth’s life. They have an update capsule that will update the consumers with all necessary news updates of the hour. Addressing the competition that already exists within the online entertainment space, he said the new audience is interaction-oriented. “If you look at any of the upcoming platforms, you would realise it is not mere broadcast entertainment or one side in entertainment, it is a two-way interaction, and I think that gap does exist in the market in a big way. And that's a need that you have when it comes to any media platform or any entertainment platform and I think that need is what we are trying to fill in with Big Radio Online. We are fairly confident that if you understand that need right, and we create a platform where we allow audiences to reflect on what their thought processes engage, and interact in a meaningful manner, that platform will see a lot of traction,” he said.

Kumaran said they would focus on sponsorships and branded content affiliations for monetising. “There will be opportunities for branded content; there will be opportunities for advertisers and funded programmes. Opportunities of seamlessly integrating a brand into the narrative of a story would be there. That's the kind of opportunities we'll look into at as things unfold,” he added. Kumaran also said, which helps clients buy ads online for Big FM, is witnessing great traction and will further help the plans. It was launched last month.

Kumaran said they would use social media extensively to promote the platform through various kinds of challenges and promotional activities. He said they partnered with social media influencers and will promote the platform through WhatsApp via chat stickers and wallpapers.

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