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Sanitiser market will continue to grow, says Pragya Upadhyay of Pee Safe

In a conversation with, Upadhyay, Vice-President, Growth, Pee Safe, said though the personal hygiene market has grown significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be space for every player

The hand sanitiser and the personal hygiene industry has grown exponentially in the past months due to the Covid-19 outbreak. According to reports, the sanitiser industry’s market size, which was earlier Rs 40-60 crore, is expected to grow to about Rs 300-400 crore in the coming months.

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Pragya Upadhyay

Though many new players have started entering the sanitiser market, there will be enough space for every player to grow, said Pragya Upadhyay, Vice-President, Growth, Pee Safe.

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“Even if there are new players, the demand has grown so much that I think there will be a fair share for everyone to grow,” she said. “The hygiene market is going to grow due to Covid-19; it is not how it should have been. We have been talking about staying clean but it is now that people have turned conscious. On a scale of 1-10, it will stay at 6-7 even after the situation,” she said.

She said as more companies have started manufacturing sanitisers, there will be less strain on distribution and supply. Talking about the distribution issues that have affected most industries, Upadhyay said they were trying to improve the supply by taking necessary permissions. “Yes supply has been affected but we have been trying to push supply from our end wherever it is possible by taking permission from different departments as our products fall under the essential categories. We are trying to supply to doctors, to hospitals and pharmacies to review the supply from our end,” she said.

Pee Safe recently launched a new range of products under the brand name Raho Safe. The products under Raho Safe include an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and a multipurpose surface protectant. Apart from having a neem base, products start from INR 99, making them affordable for everyone.

The Raho Safe Hand Sanitizer has an antibacterial agent that prevents growth of bacteria. It is alcohol based and made up of a natural neem extract. The Raho Safe Multi-Purpose Protectant Spray forms a long-lasting bond with any surface. It provides an invisible layer of protection to prevent contamination and must be used every 7 days for best results, the company claimed.

“We were planning for the launch since October, but we advanced it as we saw people would require hand sanitisers. We worked really hard since February to get the product launched in March,” said Upadhyay.

The brand, which was launched in 2013 with ‘toilet seat sanitiser’, has now ventured into women’s hygiene products. Talking about the brand’s growth since the Covid-19 outbreak, Upadhyay said the sales of masks and hand sanitisers had picked up in the past few months.

The brand is also present on their website and e-commerce giants like Amazon and at stores across the country. “Almost 60% of our revenue comes from offline stores, but we see a fair growth in third-party segments like Amazon and Nykaa. We see growth from our own website,” said Upadhyay. Talking about expansion plans, Upadhyay said they are now expanding into tier two and three cities.

The brand will focus their communication on digital mediums and content marketing as a tool. “Most of our marketing spend goes online, and it's going to be the same for the coming months as well. Recently, we associated with the movie ‘Thappad’. Wherever we see that our brand can be associated with relevant subjects where we are talking about feminist issues or our brand to be integrated, we look for that kind of marketing as well,” she added.

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