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Brands turn rainbow to celebrate gay rights victory

The Supreme Court of India has decriminalised homosexuality and abolished section 377 and the country is rejoicing. Social media is abuzz with people lauding the SC for the historic judgment. Brands too have joined the celebrations online

In a historic judgment, the Supreme Court of India has decriminalised homosexuality and abolished section 377. With the people of the country rejoicing and celebrating the repeal of the colonial era law, brands too joined the bandwagon and coloured themselves in rainbow colours online.

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Zomato has come up with a quirky message, yet an important one in its latest tweet.


Indigo got it straight and didn’t miss any occasion for marketing.


Indians have always welcomed good news with sweets. And Swiggy followed this tradition along with a reminder on how far the country has come in this fight.

Ceat Tyres

Ceat Tyres talked about the prevalent gender binaries in the society and how it is time that we opened ourselves to change.


Flipkart celebrated the victory in a light way by punning on the word, ‘order 377’ and ‘cancellation.’

Colors TV

The Hindi general entertainment channel used its new tagline #chunoapnerang and changed the colour of its logo.

Star TV Network

The largest TV network of India called it #NayiSoch while turning its logo rainbow.

MTV India

India's leading youth television channel celebrated the occasion with a GIF content.

Frooti Fizz

The brand celebrated love in the support of gay rights victory with a GIF content.

Ishq 104.8 FM

The FM station called love as the only law in its digital ad.

Mad Over Donuts

Mad Over Donuts, in its posts, spoke about love with no boundaries and shape.

Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint celebrated the iconic day with a colourful and inclusive message.


Caratlane showered love and support with a bright post and put emphasis on the message – love is stronger than diamonds.

Bira Beer

Bira’s mascot monkey has also come out in support of the pride movement.


Well, this one comes as no surprise. Google has always been at the forefront of commemorating historic events with a doodle and this time too, Google has incorporated the LGBTQ flag on its home page.

Google Doodle


Uber has changed the map routes to pride colors.

Society Tea

Society tea shares its support in a simple and chic post.

Many brands have also changed their logo colour to rainbow to support and celebrate the victory.

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