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Rising Star: Rohit Ahuja, Senior Account Manager, iProspect India

Ahuja talks to about his attachment to his team, passion for digital and his journey so far

Rohit Ahuja

Rohit Ahuja, Senior Account Manager, iProspect India, was born and brought up in Mumbai and studied electronics engineering from MVSR Engineering College, Hyderabad. But his real interest was always in marketing, which Ahuja realised in his engineering days itself.

In his early career days, Ahuja worked for SME and education consulting, website development, marketing collaterals and built marketing plans for schools and colleges. At that time, he found his interest in digital marketing and one fine day, four years ago, iProspect happened to Ahuja and now this is where his heart lies.

Ahuja said, “My journey with iProspect has been very good. We have worked with a lot of BFSI and retail clients, consulting with them how do they need to settle their processes and systems, worked with their digital marketing teams. The journey has been good also in terms of understanding how the brands are shifting more towards digital, understanding the behaviour of customers, at what frequency we need to reach and what is the reach we have to our customers. With different culture and people, I have learnt a lot in my journey with iProspect.”

So was his electrical engineering was of any use? Ahuja believes that everything helps in this world and marketing plus engineering is one of the best combinations one can have. “The technical knowledge helps you from the analytics point of view. We are the premium GAP (Google Analytics Premium) resellers and we have got a very big bunch of clients in that. Understanding GAP and the technical part is much easier because of my engineering knowledge,” added Ahuja.

Before iProspect, Ahuja worked as Manager, Business Development, at Liberation Coaches and Assistant Manager at Accentia Technologies.

Ahuja also has his bit to share about the creative aspect of advertising. He said, “Digital has turned more creative now. The way we approach the creative is much more different. Earlier everyone used to adapt a TVC and put it on digital. Now that’s not the case. There is digital-specific creative and content that has come into the picture, how a brand logo is important in the first five seconds, how are you captivating the audience and how are you sequencing the messaging of the video.”

Ahuja has the title of being the first Video Jedi of the DAN Google Video Masters Programme. It is an intensive training by Google to DAN employees on how to approach YouTube and how the creatives need to be approached.

Ahuja is a very people-oriented person. He said, “You need to understand every perspective when you are working with your team and I think that is one of the main reasons for my success. So, it is more about people, client and DAN understanding. ”

Being a sincere employee, Ahuja finds it really important to reach office on time to have the day planned in place. He rates himself eight out of 10 for punctuality. When asked if he takes breaks during the day, he said instantly, “Yes, I take a five- to 10-minute break post lunch.”

Ahuja loves meeting friends and spending time after office. He calls himself a party hard person. For Ahuja, cooking is meditation. He loves cooking Indian, Italian and Chinese. Ahuja tries to cook every weekend and makes soups that his neighbours relish. Elaborating on the meditation bit, Ahuja said, “It is your own zone, you decide on what you want to make. Cooking is not everybody’s cup of tea.”

Ahuja wishes to travel as much as possible and makes it a point to go for a good vacation. On the work front, leading a bigger team and helping more and more brands is something that Ahuja dreams of. “Technically I am handling 10-14 brands now and would like to handle 40 brands in the future,” added Ahuja.

Asked what he prefers, sitting in the office or going to meetings, Ahuja answered, “Both are important, but I would prefer client meetings as that’s where new businesses come from.”

Ahuja is very close to his team and they are like an extended family for him. He said, “We have been together for four to five years now and have seen everything together. I spend more time with them than my family. I become close to people very soon.”

Ahuja wished to be a part of the earlier Jaago Re campaign done by Tata Tea. It’s one the best campaigns that helped the brand elevate to the next level. He recalled being partially a part of the campaign as he had worked on the brand when in college. Ahuja’s strongest admiration is his grandmother whom he misses the most. Professionally, he admires Vivek Bhargava, CEO, DAN Performance Group.

Ahuja finds passion in helping brands become bigger and bigger. He concluded, “I think I will die being a digital guy and I am sure of that. I love everything digital. It’s the most evolved profession in today’s time. Every day is a new learning.”

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