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Big Drama In Bigg Boss As Ashmit Patel Shows Big Heart

Other contestants ditch Ashmit Patel; his parents appeal to ‘save’ their son.

Shipra Sharma | Delhi | January 7, 2011

Just before two days from finale, the drama in reality show Bigg Boss on Colors reached at its peak on Thursday when Bigg Boss gave the remaining four Housemates the liberty to make a unanimous decision about removing any one contestant from the House, they were all clear about whose names they would take.

Shweta Tiwari and The Great Khali wanted Dolly Bindra to leave and they discussed this in detail. In turn, Dolly wanted Shweta to leave. But Ashmit Patel voluntarily accepted to leave the House if that made the other Housemates happy. At this time, all the three other contestants strongly objected to Ashmit’s words and sacrifice, saying he should not leave. They reassured him that they stood by him and supported his continued stay in the House.

But when Bigg Boss asked the Housemates about their final decision, to everyone’s surprise, ALL three of the others – Dolly Bindra, The Great Khali as well as Shweta Tiwari – took a U-turn, unabashedly deserting and ditching Ashmit Patel for their personal gain of staying put in the House.

Exposing their double-standards, they all agreed to Ashmit’s ouster, without giving it second thought.

But God had other plans for the most genuine man on the show. As it turned out to be, Bigg Boss asked Ashmit to open the mysterious ‘red box’ which was given to Dolly two days ago, and the person who was voted out by the contestants, was not only allowed to stay back in the House, but also earned an extra prize money of five lakhs.

“Jaako raakhe saiya maar sake na koi,” remarked Ashmit’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar outside the House. If you too feel for Ashmit’s genuine nature, you can vote for him upto 99 times. Just sms ASH to 56882 as many times as possible and help the righteous man survive the ones with double standards.

On the other hand contestant Ashmit Patel’s parents, Asha and Amit Patel, are keeping their fingers crossed for their son.

Meanwhile, there is widespread speculation about ex-contestant Manoj Tiwari having ‘bought’ and manipulated votes by the lakhs to make his old friend Shweta Tiwari win the show.

Ashmit’s parents have appealed to all to ‘save’ their son from losing. “Please help our son Ashmit in his quest for righteousness. He is a fighter and has always stood for ethics with uprightness and honesty. In his hour of need, we feel he is lonely in Bigg Boss and needs your help,” they appealed.

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Comments (11)
  • amber- 10 years ago

    may the clean hearted will win

  • Nikhil- 10 years ago

    These people are crazy.....Save Ashmit??? Bloody beggars...

  • Vishal- 10 years ago

    Apperciate to Ashmit...!! Grt human being...!!! He is the winner Big Boss-4

  • aquasrc- 10 years ago

    agreed that the step taken by ashmit was commendable. But talking of shweta tiwari who undoubtedly has been genuine , maintained her diginty... forgot how ashmit and veena made the show unbearable to watch ??? they maintained zero privacy ... get your logic right miss ... use paparazzi to write truth ...

  • aquasrc- 10 years ago

    and of course u are a gujju :D no wonder

  • abhishek aw- 10 years ago

    In endless ways they tried to destroy, his simple trust, his boundless joy. His invincible armour was a shield of bliss, nothing could touch it, no venom no hiss.

  • abhishek aw- 10 years ago

    Ashmit has the biggest heart in the BB house. It was wonderful how he gave his winning chances up for the sake of the other contestants. He truly deserves to win.

  • rachel amin- 10 years ago

    SEWTA RULES !!!!!!!!!!! :0)

  • utkarsh- 10 years ago

    i love ashmit the way he is honest caring always speaks infront of people and not back side i appeal people to vote for ahsmit please vote he deserve to win this show

  • Haider- 10 years ago

    Dolly Bindra is a name of shame. She is the most mannerless lady. If she wins then ColorsTV would be responsible to giving boost to the bad manner.

  • INDIAN PUBL- 10 years ago

    asmit is gr8 nautanki....bigboss show fix by asmit family specially AMISHA PATEL pay more money for favoring asmit in the show...publicist Dale Bhagwagar not screw the public mind....please guys dont vote any other guys...did you guys forget about asmit vulgarity ????