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Altigreen’s brand campaign introduces its new superhero mascot

Pinstorm, the independent digital-first marketing firm in South Asia, was appointed to work on the brand campaign by Altigreen to lend it a unique and powerful brand identity

Commercial electric vehicle manufacturer Altigreen has released a new campaign that weighs in on the power of electric mobility while highlighting its own range of electric three-wheelers.

Executed by independent digital-first marketing firm in South Asia - Pinstorm, the brand campaign titled, ‘Bijli Hoon Main’ introduces Altigreen’s mascot – an electric superhero who personifies the efficiency and power of electric mobility over vehicles powered by diesel, petrol and CNG.

The campaign was released strategically during the ICC Men's T20 World Cup on HotStar – the official streaming partner for the tournament.

The campaign titled, ‘Bijli Hoon Main’, has already launched two films. The first film showcases Altigreen’s vehicle pulling a diesel 4W small commercial vehicle, in line with the core idea of demonstrating its higher torque and power, whereas the second film focuses on the convenience of electric charging from any 220V/15A socket vs users of CNG-powered commercial vehicles who are forced to wait in long queues at CNG pumps which directly impacts their income.

The films bust the myth that electric vehicles are weaker than those powered by CNG, diesel or petrol, while showcasing the strength of Altigreen’s industry-leading vehicle.

By depicting a cargo driver transforming into a superhero, the films also uplift the driver that represents the larger community of vehicle owners/business operators. For a long time, the consumer in this industry has been using fossil fuel-powered vehicles, with a false perception that EVs can’t perform as per the needs of the business.

In line with its consistent approach to brand building in the digital era, Pinstorm has innovated a completely fresh and bold brand language for Altigreen through this campaign.

Mahesh Murthy, CEO and Founder of Pinstorm, said, “As a standard practice, we aim to work with marketers on a different philosophy, to start with trying to improve their digital product offering so that it can have a positive digital word of mouth, before moving to help grow it using a suite of other tactics. With Altigreen, the brief was clear: The core message and communication had to be distinctive and consistent. It had to be something that stands out in the crowd, and needs to be more memorable than the T20 match before and after the commercial. I am happy that we have succeeded in that endeavour to a large extent.”

As a result of releasing the campaign during the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, Altigreen reached an audience of over 10 million.

Debashis Mitra, Director  - Sales, Service and Marketing of Altigreen, said, “Consumers from the 3W cargo industry – be it a driver or the business owner – earn their living from the daily operation of the vehicle; the overall earning depends on the number of trips done every day. Conventionally, they have been dependent on vehicles with internal combustion engines for lack of any options. Altigreen’s vehicles service all their needs namely, the need of having a rugged and powerful vehicle capable of handling all loads, that can also perform in all types of terrain. And most importantly a vehicle that is efficient and reliable thereby resulting in better earnings. We are clearly busting the myth that electric-powered vehicles are not as powerful or efficient as conventional vehicles; the truth is that they are better!”

Mitra added, “With this campaign, we have tried to communicate to our customers in the 3W cargo industry the potential of electric mobility. Our focus is to show that EVs are as good as, if not better than, their ICE counterparts in price, and performance. We have explored creating our own brand ambassador as a personification of electricity (bijli) - one that says, “Bijli Hoon Main” with confidence. Of course, it’s a path that will take time and consistency to build but the larger idea was to have our own character that becomes synonymous with “electric-only” brand identity of Altigreen over time.”

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