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Kellogg’s pushes for healthy, nutritious breakfasts for children through its “Kuch kar dikhane ki bhookh” campaign

The new TVC campaign highlights that children who start the day with a nourishing breakfast do better in school and are ready to take on daily milestones

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Kellogg’s has launched its Masterbrand campaign ‘Kuch kar dikhaane ki bhookh’, through which it wants to send the message that children who have a stomach-filling nutritious breakfast get the hunger to achieve more.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy India, Kellogg’s has launched the campaign with an ad film that conveys how consuming a nourishing breakfast motivates children to achieve their daily milestones across academics, sports and extra-curricular activities.

The film is the first in the campaign and is being rolled out across media such as TV and digital mediums like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, as well as e-commerce.

The film is centred around a school-going girl, who is shown in different situations in school and is trying to ace both academically and in extra-curricular activities. She is shown to dive-off the board into a swimming pool, perform well in her exams and is seen curious about other activities too.

The film then brings out the mother’s resolve to help her child achieve these tasks by ensuring she leaves home after eating breakfast every morning. The film ends with the girl relishing Kellogg’s Chocos with milk and diving off the board into the swimming pool, supported by a captivating tagline voiced over as “Kellogg’s. Kuch kar dikhaane ki bhookh.”

Prashant Peres, Managing Director, Kellogg South Asia, said, “The new Masterbrand campaign is our attempt to share how consuming a nourishing breakfast enables children to excel in activities that play a crucial role in their overall growth. As per the India Breakfast Habits Study, 1 in every 4 urban Indians across all age groups skip breakfast. Studies have also shown that key nutrients, such as fibre, vitamins, and minerals, missed at breakfast, are often not being compensated for through other meals of the day. These insights have, over the years, served as a guiding light for our Masterbrand campaigns. The latest campaign effectively communicates that a convenient and nourishing breakfast option, like Kellogg’s cereals, enriched with key essential vitamins and minerals, can fuel a child’s hunger to do well in a variety of activities through the day.”

Prem Narayan, Chief Strategy Officer, Ogilvy India, said, “It is refreshing to have a brand not just focused on winning but simply giving every child the right start to have their best day possible. The creative leap that we took came from the word 'Hunger or Bhookh'. When hungry, we can't perform or, in some cases, even function like we are supposed to. On the other hand, when we are fully nourished, a different 'hunger or bhookh' begins - the urge to strive and excel.  We turned the concept of 'Hunger' on its head and came up with the campaign idea of 'Kuch kar dikhane ki bhookh'.”

Piyush Pandey, CEO of O&M, said, “This campaign is based on an insight that will ring true for all moms who want their kids to have a great start to their day, and we are hopeful that the line “Kuch Kar Dikhane ki bhook” would become one of the most iconic advertising lines in the years to come.”

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