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Sideways conceptualises Pidilite’s new film giving a shout out to its star product ‘WD-40’

The brand film gives a sneak peek into the diverse capabilities of WD-40, a product that can remove rust, open jammed locks and silence squeaky door hinges, among others

Pidilite has returned with its signature humour to give a shout-out to its star product - a ‘magic’ multi-purpose spray that can get you unstuck and unstoppable in any situation through the WD-40 campaign.

The brand film, conceptualised by Sideways, gives a sneak peek into the diverse capabilities of WD-40, a product that can remove rust, open jammed locks and silence squeaky door hinges, among others.

The campaign captures the film narrative through creative and quirky storytelling to integrate Pidilite’s DNA into the product, like the company has been doing over the past several years with their adhesive line from Fevicol to Fevikwik. 

The vision for the product is to make its way into Indian households, the same way the other products from Pidilite’s portfolio have managed to.

WD-40 currently is a staple in industrial maintenance but has already organically arrived into houses through use-cases ranging from lubricating stuck bike switches on winter mornings to pacifying screeching cupboards so that your baby sleeps undisturbed.

The company’s ambition is to generate awareness around WD-40’s usefulness and make it an indispensable household essential.

Sideways’ Co-Founder Abhijit Avasthi said, "WD-40 is an iconic product with magical powers with a million use cases. I believe it should be in every household. With this film we are hoping to build an endearing fun personality for the brand which will help increase its adoption. It's got a trademark Pidilite narrative style - demo with humour."

Nilay Moonje, Executive Creative Director and Creative Head at Sideways, said, “Any brief from Pidilite comes with an opportunity and a responsibility to do only the most amazing advertising. Such is the client relationship and our own expectation. While we joked about some completely useless ideas, we stumbled upon a thought, ‘What if a guy wants to get out of jail but can’t because of the rusted door? Then he won’t need the key, would he?’ And one ridiculous thought led to the next.”

Sameer Sojwal, ECD and Creative Head at Sideways said, “Once we thought we had the script we wanted to push it further by making it as believable and real as possible. The choice of cast, location, and even ensuring that the contraption the prisoner uses had to be true. Just like most of Pidilite’s advertising, this had to be a captivating visual story. So that even the most common person on the street just gets it.”

Gautam Suri, President, Sales and Marketing, Consumer Products at Pidilite Industries, added, “WD-40 is an iconic global brand. Seeing is truly believing as using the product once will ensure it is used again and again. There are over 2000+ applications and it is our endeavour to have one can in every household so our consumers discover the myriad uses of this miracle product. WD-40 works wonders, inspiring confidence and empowering people to solve problems and get the job done right.”


Agency: Sideways

Leadership Team: Abhijit Avasthi, Sonali Sehgal

Creative: Sameer Sojwal, Nilay Moonje

Account Management: Kunal Rasania, Neal Kalianiwala, Purusharth Desai

Strategy: Mohammed Zahid Hussain, Nija Nair

Production House: Hungry Films

Director: Mahesh Gharat 

Producers: Dharam Valia

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