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Lokmat Sakhi’s ‘Influencer Katta’ shows the real life of social media influencers

The aim of the show is to bring followers a little closer to their favourite social celebrities

Lokmat Sakhi’s initiative ‘Influencer Katta’ – a weekly episodic anchor-based series- features top social-media influencers from Maharashtra, who might have started their journey unknown but today have global presence. The aim of the show is to bring followers a little closer to their favourite social celebrities.

In today’s digital era, social media has the power to make or break brands. When used effectively, social media has the ability to convert anything into a global trend, whether it's fashion, business, or a prominent figure.

The show focuses on highlighting the life beyond the social media of these influencers, their journey and encompasses some candid conversations that show the real life of these figures. 

So far, the show has featured the likes of Shreya – one of the Asia’s best DJ (female) from Kolhapur, Shraddha Pawar aka Maharashtra’s baby doll, Priyanka Diwate – artist who paints paintings in 10 minutes, Pratiksha Thorat – the makeover queen and a few more. In upcoming episodes, the show is set to feature the likes of Hindavi S Paril and Vishnupriya Nair.  

The show and the episodes are released on Facebook and YouTube handles of Lokmat Sakhi.

According to Hemant Jain, Senior EVP and Head of Digital Business at Lokmat, “This is a fantastic opportunity for both the influencer and their followers to learn about and share a portion of their lives that is rarely spoken or heard about. It's not just about the fame and glam, but also about the amount of effort that goes into it. Plus, a little more about their personal lives outside of social media to encourage their fans to join them on their quest!"

Link to Lokmat Sakhi’s YouTube Channel:

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