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India Today Group becomes No. 1 on Comscore Video Metrix score

The group says it has topped the charts across both reach and video views

Citing the latest Comscore video metrix report, the India Today Group said it has consolidated its position and emerged as India’s No. 1 digital news video publisher, restating the profound trust of viewers in the brand.

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“The Group has now become No. 1 on Comscore Video Metrix score with over 883 million video views. The nearest competitor stands at 483 million video views,” the company said in a press statement. 

“India Today is now the undisputed leader in all the three important metrics of reach, video views and total minutes watched. The month of March saw Covid wave 2 gripping the country and election campaigns kickstarting across West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala and Puducherry. At this critical phase of the country, the India Today Group has emerged as the digital destination of trust for the citizens,” it added.

With over 92 million Unique video viewers, the group leads with a margin of around 25 million Unique video viewers over the next news network. The group said it is double the video views of ABP Group and leaves behind many groups like Network 18, Times Internet, Zee Digital and NDTV.

“The Group has also reported a growth of close to 70 million video views over the previous month, highlighting the fact that when it comes to ‘News That Matters’, the choice of the digital consumer is clearly the India Today Group,” the statement concluded.

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