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PGI’s Platinum Evara campaign is an ode to the spirit of today’s young women

The campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Famous Innovations

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Platinum Guild International (PGI) – India’s latest campaign for the Platinum Evara collection is an analogy to where young women stand today, their take on their lives and their belief system.

The campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Famous Innovations. The film depicts young women in the process of selecting, adorning and buying platinum jewellery. It metaphorically showcases their view on living their life, their confidence, their desires, their independence and sense of assertion as they make those important and personal life decisions too. 

It begins with a young girl who while shopping in a mall, stops to admire a necklace that she falls in love with. The voice-over states “Koi occasion nahi dhoondhi. Just like that,” stressing on the fact that for her sometimes there is no wait for that grand big occasion to purchase jewellery, being her and in the moment is all she needs.

The next sequence shows a moment where when unable to choose between two beautiful pairs of earrings, a young woman simply decides to take them both, while the voice over states. “Kissi ko dihkaya nahi – didn’t feel the need”. A reference to her asserting her choice and her independence.

Other statements such as “Kisi ke saath kharidne nahi gayi. No mom, no friends, just me” and “Kisi ne dilvaya nahi…funny”, all subtly hint towards the new emerging narrative of femininity that is confident, playful, self-reliant and absolutely unapologetic.

The brand’s new baseline – ‘Very Rare, Very You’ ends this thought while talking about what makes platinum truly differentiated and desirable.

Sujala Martis, Director – Consumer Marketing, Platinum Guild International – India, said, “The discourse of femininity in our segments today is changing. Young women own their individual interpretation of femininity with pride and aplomb. They look at it as an integral part of who they are, they know what they bring to the table and revel in it. This campaign is a celebration of that view on femininity, away from the angst ridden, breaking stereotypes, going up against society narratives that we commonly see.  Jewellery is an innate part of femininity, buying it is a joyful experience. We wanted to come from what was deep seated and ingrained in the category while reflecting what is true for our audience and they look at their lives today as glass half full.”    

“Today’s women are not fighting battles in the way we think they should be fighting them. They are doing it their way, with a lot of sass and spunk. For them the biggest victory lies in being able to be themselves, fully accepting of the many facets of modern femininity.  They take pride in expressing their versatile identity and continuously seek to express different dimensions of themselves. The campaign is a celebration of all this and more, and we have sought to capture it on camera through inner monologues of various women,” said Shahnawaz Qadeer, Group Creative Director, Famous Innovations.

The integrated marketing campaign aims to promote the all-new Evara range. The campaign is a 360-degree program led by a film and supported by a communication plan that includes TV, print, digital, social and PR across markets to ensure high reach and frequency.

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