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Resolve to stay happy, then every day can be a ‘Good Day’, says Britannia Good Day

Conceptualised by McCann World Group, the campaign features Deepika Padukone, who nudges people to reprioritise their goals and chase the real deal “Khushiyon ki zidd karo”

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The crux of Britannia Good Day’s new campaign is that in today’s world where we rather persistently chase money and fame, we forget to chase happiness with the same zeal. The brand has signed Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone to nudge people to reprioritise their goals and chase the real deal, and conveys it simply as “Khushiyon ki zidd karo”. The message: If you resolve to stay happy and pursue happiness, then every day can be a Good Day.

The film unfolds with a group of kids asking a shopkeeper for Good Day and being chased away as they are not carrying money. Deepika, the daughter of the shopkeeper, calls them back and a friendly banter begins on what the kids can pay her in exchange for their favourite Good Day.

Vinay Subramanyam, Head, Marketing, Britannia Industries Limited, said, “Isn’t it interesting that in our daily interactions, the parting wish to people is always a ‘Good Day’, no matter how your own day is panning out. This little, universal insight inspires the work we do on Good Day. The core idea of Good Day has always been about happiness and Khushiyon ki zidd karo is the brand’s point of view in context of today’s social reality.  This campaign is also backed with new product packaging, bringing alive the richness and abundance of ingredients with bolder and stronger branding.”

Deepika Padukone, Happiness Ambassador said, “Simple and honest emotions and gestures can go a long way in breaking boundaries and bringing people together. Having been part of Britannia Good Day's journey, I look forward to taking our next steps in spreading joy and happiness within communities.”

Prasoon Joshi

Prasoon Joshi, Executive Chairman and Regional ED AP, Chief Creative Officer, McCann World Group, said, “The concept of this Good Day campaign is very dear to my heart, especially because it has the potential to infectiously inspire people to not give up and keep trying for a happier world for all. It’s nuanced in craft; be it direction, acting, the music or the lyrics which am sure will resonate with many.”

With a 100-year legacy and a turnover of over Rs 10000 crore, Britannia Industries is one of India’s leading biscuit manufacturer, also present in many other food categories and with a growing presence across the globe.

The TVC:


Client: Britannia Good Day

Agency: McCann World Group, Bangalore

Ex-Chairman and Regional ED AP, Chief Creative Officer: Prasoon Joshi

Creative team: Puneet Kapoor, Ajith Emmanuel, Unnikrishnan, Pulkit Khandelwal

Account Management: Dileep Ashoka (Ex-VP, South), Sharon Varghese, Mayurakshi Chatterjee, Rakaah Chatterjii, Zenia Rodrigues

Planning: Jitendra Dabas (Chief Strategy Officer), Rasika Fernandes

Films: Crystal Carvalho 

Britannia Industries Limited Credits:

Head of Marketing: Vinay Subramanyam

Category Manager: Priyadarshini Kapoor

Product Manager: Vivek Kataria

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