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Colors bets big with launch of ‘Karmphal Data-Shani’

The show that premiered on November 7 is set to narrate the saga of the most powerful and misunderstood deity. Produced by Swastik Productions, the epic tale is laden with visually grand and opulent themes

Colors bets big with launch of ‘Karmphal Data-Shani’

The show that premiered on November 7 is set to narrate the saga of the most powerful and misunderstood deity. Produced by Swastik Productions, the epic tale is laden with visually grand and opulent themes

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | November 8, 2016


Colors, known for its popular fiction shows, is back with yet another one -- ‘Karmphal Data-Shani’ -- intending to strengthen the weekday primetime line-up. The show that went on air yesterday is set to narrate the saga of the most powerful and misunderstood deity. The show will trace Shani’s life as he faces injustice at the hands of his father, Surya Dev, upon his birth. It leads up to him becoming the penultimate messiah of justice, maintaining a delicate balance between the Devta and Asura worlds. An epic tale with a magnanimous setting laden with visually spectacular grand and opulent themes, Karmphal Data Shani, produced by Swastik Productions, will air every Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Colors.

The show will transport the viewers to an era where the volatile relationship between the Devtas and Asuras led to the ‘Devasur Sangram’ – the ultimate battle for dominance. As the war turns fiercer, Lord Shiva intervenes to announce that the Trinity is making way for a new energy that will maintain the balance between good and evil. And thus, Shani is born. A child born to the god of light Surya Dev and Chhaya, his wife Sangya’s shadow. But Shani is scorned at birth. Banished from Suryalok to be raised by Chhaya in a forest, Shani begins his journey on the path of karma. As he grows older, he unflinchingly continues to deliver justice in the toughest situations, giving preference only to the supreme truth.

Raj Nayak Raj Nayak

Raj Nayak, CEO, Hindi Mass Entertainment, Viacom 18, said, “Karmphal Data Shani is our dream project. The rationale behind investing in a show of such mammoth proportion is the fact that it augments the core vision of our channel, i.e. to indulge everyone through variety content. The other vital reason is that shows like Ashoka and Shani promote cohesive viewing. It imparts knowledge and spreads awareness. It’s a differentiator from the family dramas dominating the primetime.”

He added, “We believe that with a captivating narrative like Karmphal Data Shani, our weekday primetime is going to consolidate even further. Naagin has proven to be a game changer and is ruling the charts, and the unique love story of a eunuch has found its own fan following with Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii standing tall at the No. 2 position. We are hopeful that the discerning storyline of Karmphal Data Shani will surely make an impact in the 9 pm primetime slot.”

Manisha Sharma Manisha Sharma

Speaking about the new fiction offering, Manisha Sharma, Programming Head, Colors, said, “Karmphal Data Shani projects a magnificence that has never been seen on Indian television in the past. Picking cues from an era before any civilization came into being, Shani ventures into the depths of the Hindu scriptures to narrate a tale that has, thus far, been lesser known. Bringing in a new perspective, the show will illustrate the misunderstood God in a new light and strive to present his endearing tale through an entertaining proposition. The show will be a visual treat for the viewer’s akin to a silver screen experience in terms of VFX and production value. Apart from an intriguing storyline, we have given abundant importance to the setting and grandiosity of the show. It is definitely going to be one of the meaningful TV series to look forward to.”

The story of Shani is different from what has been told before. Sharma tells us that what was shown in the past was Shani delivering justice against a present day setting. The treatment of Karmphal Data Shani is a larger-than-life distinct series which traces Shani Dev’s journey from before he was born.

Sharma is positive that this show will capture the imagination of the viewers as a lot of effort has gone behind producing this show.

Siddharth Kumar Tewary, Founder and Creative Director, Swastik Productions, said, “We have always strived to present compelling content from the pages of our holy scriptures. With Karmphal Data Shani, we aim to dismiss all misconceptions about Shani Dev’s motives and origins. Our teams are working tirelessly to present a larger-than-life canvas living up to the divinity of the era, and present an offering which will appeal to the sensibilities of the audience.”

Colors is planning an elaborate impact and reach-driven marketing blitzkrieg at multiple touch points. A specially designed out-of-home innovation will see hoardings projecting the power of Shani, including bringing on an eclipse in the blink of an eye. In terms of on-ground activations, the channel is organising a one-of-its-kind ‘Punya Ke Ghade Mein Tael Chhadao…Punya Ki Jyoti Jalao’ promotional campaign outside prominent temples like Shani Shinganapur near Aurangabad and Shri Hanuman Temple in Lucknow.

The channel will encourage devotees to pour oil in the ‘Paap Ka Ghada’, a huge vessel installed outside these shrines, as an offering to Lord Shani. The oil collected through these ghadas will further be donated to the temples for lighting diyas. Another activation is being planned along Mumbai’s metro network at Andheri and Ghatkopar, urging travellers to participate in a contest to win free rides. Colors is working towards a digital campaign, dismissing misconceptions about Lord Shani, and reaching out to viewers on social media.

The show has roped in Dabur Chyawanprash as the presenting sponsors and the channel is in discussions with other potential sponsors. The show will replace Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat at the 9 pm prime-time slot in weekdays.



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