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ASCI upheld complaints against 100 out of 141 ads in May 2015

46 belonged to Personal and Healthcare category, followed by 22 in Education category, 10 the in Food and Beverage category, and five in Telecom category

ASCI upheld complaints against 100 out of 141 ads in May 2015

46 belonged to Personal and Healthcare category, followed by 22 in Education category, 10 the in Food and Beverage category, and five in Telecom category

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | September 23, 2015

asci-logoIn May 2015, ASCI’s Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) upheld complaints against 100 out of 141 advertisements. Out of these 100 ads, 46 belonged to the Personal and Healthcare category, followed by 22 in the Education category, 10 the in Food and Beverage category, five in Telecom category and 17 ads from other categories.


The CCC found the following claims in health and personal care product or service advertisements of 46 advertisers to be either misleading or false or not adequately/scientifically substantiated and hence violating ASCI’s Code. Some of the health care products or services ads also contravened provisions of the Drug & Magic Remedies Act and Chapter 1.1 and III.4 of the ASCI Code. Complaints against the following advertisements were UPHELD.

1. Modi Naturals Ltd. (Rizolo Rice Bran Oil): The advertisement on the pack claims “India’s Finest Rice Bran Oil” and states the benefits of the product being, “Suitable for Diabetics”, “Cholesterol Reduction”, “Cancer Protection” and “Skin Health”. All these claims were unsubstantiated.

2. Organic India Private Limited (Organic Wheat Grass Powder): The advertisement claims that the product improves haemoglobin levels and aids in the regeneration of healthy cells in the body, also being beneficial for hypertension and in maintaining arterial health. The advertisement further claims, “Wheat grass also supports immunity and keeps infections at bay, has anti-ageing properties and prevents body odour” and “Dried moringa leaves are a storehouse of concentrated nutrition, so even a small daily dose can help correct imbalances in the body, add concentrated nutrition to your diet and help you reach the recommended daily dietary targets of fruits and vegetables”.  These claims were not substantiated.

3. Celebrate Life Wellness: The claim “Lose up to 30 centimeters and five kilograms in a month”, was not substantiated.

4. Dabur India Ltd (Dabur Keratex Oil): The advertisement claims Dabur Keratex Oil to be “No 1* Oil” and “No. 1 oil for hair and Scalp”.  It further claims, “Dabur Keratex No. 1 Oil recommended by dermatologists”,  “Recommended by Leading Dermatologists as Best Hair Oil for Hair & Scalp Care”, “Dabur Keratex has, in fact, been rated as The No.1 Branded Oil for Hair & Scalp Care by leading Dermatologists”, “Hairfall control*”,  “Dandruff Control*”, “Scalp nourishment*” and “*Dabur Keratex is effective Ayurvedic oil, formulated with selected herbs, that controls hair fall, dandruff and provide scalp nourishment”. These claims were not adequately substantiated.

5. Dabur India (Dabur Babool): The visual depiction in the advertisement of “a boy (minor) folding a metal wire with his teeth”, shows a dangerous act which is likely to encourage minors to emulate such acts in a manner which could cause harm or injury. So, the complaint was upheld.

6. Hindustan Unilever (Surf Excel Matic): The advertisement claims Surf Excel Matic to be“No. 1 Matic Brand Recommended By Manufacturers” was not substantiated with data which conclusively proves that the endorsers of Surf Excel Matic have a majority market share.

7. Deaf Cure Centre: The claims “Cure Deafness”, “Cure any kind of deafness without any operation and machines”, “Make difference in hearing within an hour” were not substantiated.

8. Hindustan Unilever (Vaseline Healthy White): The advertisement’s claim “Paiye twacha jo dikhe chaar guna nikhri instantly” was not adequately substantiated. Also, the supers in the TVC did not meet the Super Guidelines criteria of hold duration.

9. Hindustan Unilever (Fair & Lovely): The visuals in the ads of Fair & Lovely showing the transformation depict the protagonist as unhappy in pre-use state of the product. This contravened clause 2 of the ASCI guidelines for advertisement of fairness improvement products.

10. Parex Pharmaceuticals (Junaid Sr Tablet): In this advertisement the claims in the context of cardiac dysfuntion i.e. “It decreases the swelling of the nerves, makes blood thin and makes heart powerful & increases blood circulation, as a result all the problems get cured and life becomes joyful in less expense without any side effects by consumption of 1 tablet daily”, were not substantiated.

11. Razorbill (Shoolex): The advertisement claims the product to be “100% Natural”.  The advertisement further claims, “Shoolex contains selected herbs chosen by scientists which helps in relieving from migraine completely”, “Shoolex is a best quality product which has purified Godanti & Giloy extracts which helps in curing all kinds of headache”, “Shoolex is enriched with such kinds of herbs which helps in correcting the blood circulation in the head” and “Shoolex is a best medicine for migraine.” The references with respect to treatment of migraine are not related to the product and the claims were not substantiated. The other claims with respect to other kinds of headache and circulation in the head are neither relevant nor substantiated.

12. Glamour World Ayurvedic Co. Pvt Ltd (Glow Plus Solution & Glow Hair Shampoo): The advertisement’s claims that Glow Plus Solution & Glow Hair Shampoo regrows strong and beautiful hair and helps to regenerate new hair, were not substantiated. Also, the claim “Tested and proven by Jadavpur University's Clinical Research Centre”, was found misleading by ambiguity.

13. Lotus Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel: The advertisement’s claim “India’s 1st Non-Oily Matte Gel Sunscreen”, “SPF50 PA+++” and “PA+++ UVA, SPF 50 UVB”, was not substantiated.

14. Siddhar Ear Foundation: The advertisement’s claim “To treat ear problems within three hours without any surgery and hearing aid.” was unsubstantiated.

15. Karna Acupuncture: The claims “Diabetes is no more incurable - No Medicine No Insulin, Successful treatment by Karna Acupuncture, natural insulin is produced in the body by Karna Acupuncture. It helps to cure Diabetes and also cures incurable diseases like epilepsy, thyroid. It has been proven by continuous research of 20 years by scientific technique”, were not substantiated.

16. Pitambari Products Pvt Ltd (Pitambari Gomutra Plus Capsule): The advertisement of Goumutra Plus Ghan Powder Capsule claims “Helps protect against many diseases. Goumutra Plus capsules have Goumutra powder and triphala churna. Regular consumption of it helps in increasing prevention of diseases. It maintains the balance of all the processes of the body” and “Consumption of Goumutra Plus Capsule helps in removal of accumulated toxins in the body and increases disease Prevention”., These claims were not substantiated.

17. Devicaas Herbal Products Pvt Ltd (Devicaas Range of Products): The advertisement’s claim “Treatment of dandruff and hair fall in just three days”, was not substantiated.

18. Omega Hospitals: The advertisement’s claim, “Omega Introduces Cyber Knife VSI- a robotic Radio surgery system, which reduces radiation therapy from 30-40 days to just 1-5 days”, was considered to be misleading (notwithstanding the “conditions apply” disclaimer and the need for consumer to get clarification on their Helpline number). Also, the claim “Perfect alternative to surgery”, was misleading and not substantiated.

19. Laborate Pharma India Ltd (Labolia Fair and Light for Men): The advertisement claims “Paiye sanwale pan se mukti”. This claim was not substantiated.

20. Patidar Alsi: The advertisement claims, “Patidar Alsi is a rich source of Omega-3 Fatty Acid which reduces cholesterol. It also controls blood pressure  and keeps your heart healthy and strong.”, “It Controls diabetes - It contains Lignan which helps in regulating the levels of blood sugar by decreasing insulin resistance and keeps diabetes under control”,  “Patidar Alsi helps in reducing obesity by burning fat of your body and keeps you fit and healthy.”, “Improves immunity against cancer - Based on research of Health and Nutrition Dept of the Flax Council of Canada, Flax seeds contain lignan which protects against breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer and improve your immune system”, “Flax Seeds in Patidar Alsi is good source of phosphorus & calcium. It strengthen the bones of the body”, “For women it is very healthy as it helps to regulate ovulation process and restore hormonal balance in the body (Pregnant ladies should not consume flax seeds)”, “Helps in increasing mental power. Flax seeds in Patidar Alsi help in developing brain cells and improve mental power”, “Health Benefit of Ayurvedic Ingredient of Patidar Alsi- Jethimadh(Licorice), it contains Glycyrrhizic, which helps in reducing mental stress and prevents from skin diseases”, “Health Benefit of Ayurvedic Ingredient of Patidar Alsi: Anni seeds - It gives you fresh breathe by removing up to 85% bacteria causing plaque and bad breath. It contains copper which helps in production of Red blood cell. It is a good source of anti-oxidant vitamins C & Vitamin A that helps protect from body deficiency and keeps the body healthy and fit”, “Health Benefit of Ayurvedic Ingredient of Patidar Alsi: Sesame Seeds - It contains sesamol - an organic compound which protects DNA from harmful effects of radiation - It is a good source of Zinc which helps in developing skin and hair cells and keeps them healthy - It helps in keeping skin and hair soft and silky” and “Patidar Alsi - World’s largest Selling Ayurvedic Alsi .” These claims were not substantiated and found misleading.

21. Glamour World Ayurvedic Co-operation Pvt Ltd (Shine Guard Gel and Sunscreen Lotion): The advertisement claims “Shine Guard Gel and Sunscreen Lotion gives all round protection to your skin from ultra violet rays”, was not substantiated with proof of product efficacy. Also, the visual showing complete protection was found to be misleading.

22. VLCC Health Care (VLCC Sun Defense Range): The advertisement of VLCC Sun Defense Range’s claim "Get complete protection from damaging sun rays” (“Suraj ki nuksan Dayak kirano se sampoorna suraksha payein”), is misleading by exaggeration.

23. Abbott Healthcare (Pediasure Complete): The advertisement claims Pediasure Complete to be “No.1 recommended by pediatrician”, was not adequately substantiated. Also, the duration of the supers in the TVC was not for 6 seconds.

24. Ayurwin Pharma (Nutrislim Range of Products): The advertisement’s claims “Are you overweight? Natural way to become Slim & Attractive”, “Ayurwin's Nutrislim - Beneficial due to herbal combination”, “We us Ayurwin Nutrislim + every day in our family to maintain our fitness. We are slim and active”, “For Better Results Use Nutrislim + Powder & Capsules”, were not substantiated.

25. Sanat Products Ltd (Uplat): The advertisement of Uplat recommends its use for medical conditions i.e. thrombocytopenia and in cases such as chemotherapy, liver cirrhosis, alcoholism. These claims were not substantiated. Further, the advertisement claims the product to be “Platelet Booster” “Immunomodulator” and “Indicated in Thrombocytopenia due to Chemotherapy, Cirrhosis, and Alcoholism. These claims were found to be misleading.

26. Vibes Healthcare Ltd (Vibes): The advertisement’s claims “Fast Inch Loss Melt Away Up to 12 inches”, “Get permanent solution for your hair loss”, “Excellent results with No Side Effects”, “No Pain No Scars” were not substantiated.  The visual showing the images before and after the treatment was also found to be misleading.

27. VLCC Healthcare: The advertisement’s claim “Let Your Slimmer Self out in just 90 Mins” was considered to be misleading.

28. Telemart Shopping Network Pvt Ltd (Sandhi Sudha Pain Relief Oil): The advertisement claims “Sudha - Suitable medicine for curing Joint Pain (Arthritis) from its roots”, “100% Effective”,   “Ayurveda has won over many diseases which have been a challenge on Medical Science. Sandhi Sudha is an old, sureshot and ayurvedic medicine for all joint pains and arthritis. Made from the rare and essential herbs from Himalaya Sandhi Sudha enters till the last layer of the skin and increases the fluid found in the joints, provides strength to the weak tissues which gives energy to the bones of the joint, swelling and pain come to an end”, “Sandhi Sudha helps one to get rid of all joint related problems, so that you can enjoy every moment”. These claims were not substantiated.

29. British Biologicals (D-Protin): The advertisement of D-Protin’s claim “Meet the daily nutritional requirements of the body without increasing the blood sugar levels and urine”, was not substantiated.

30. B.C. Ghosh Research Centre & Welfare Home: The claims “Freedom for life time from diseases like piles, fissure and fistula or any kind of anus related problems without any surgery” and “World’s First Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital”, were not substantiated.

31. Olives Healthcare: The advertisement’s claims “Stem Cell - For Hair Regrowth with PRP Technology Guaranteed Results”,  “Organic treatment – Five kilograms weight loss five Lipo session reduce arms, tummy hips & thighs in just one hour”,  “Breast up lifting, sagging, tightening & Shaping”,  were not substantiated.  The visuals of before and after the treatment were misleading.

32. Berina Cosmetics Pvt Ltd (Berina Range of Hair Color Products): The advertisement of Berina Range of Hair Color Products’ claims “Thailand's No. 1 brand” and “The Safest hair color”. These were not substantiated.

33. SMIC Cardiac Care: The claim “Get rid of heart related problems” was not substantiated.

34. Teeth Care Centre Dental Hospital: The claim “No. 1 Dental Hospital in Gujarat”, was not substantiated.

35. Skin N Smile: The advertisement’s claim “Permanent hair removal” was found to be misleading.

36. Naturopathic Clinic: The claims “Obesity”, “You can lose weight up to five to 15 kilograms by normal diet and with the help of NaturalTreatment. It is safe”, were not substantiated.

37. Naik Hospital: The claim “Get rid of the unwanted hair permanently through laser”, was found to be misleading.

38. UP Yog Prakritik Chikitsa Sansthan: The advertisement’s claim “Permanent Freedom from Joint Pain, Obesity, Asthma, Stomach Disorders, Insomnia and mental diseases”, was not substantiated.

39. MH Javerian & Sons (Madhukashtha Churna): The advertisement’s claims “MadhuKashta Churna: Sugar Free - Helps to Control the high blood sugar level - Improves Eye Sight”, were not substantiated.

40. Sadbhavna Hospital: The claim “Conceive a Child - Sureshot Solution and Treatment” was not substantiated.

41. Sri Sai Herbal Acupuncture Centre: The advertisement claims “Asthma, do not ignore frequent cold, sneezing, falling of nasal catarrh in throat as these can be life taking” and “Get successfully treated and get relief in the first sitting with China's 5000 year old and modern machines which have been proved most effective and a boon”., These claims were not substantiated.

42. Shrinivas Laboratories (Dr Dec Gel): The advertisement claims “You do not need a doctor, you need Dr Dec Gel, Tablet mein bhi uplabhdha”. The advertisement further claims, “Gently Massage with Dr. Dec Gel to get quick and long lasting relief in case of joints pain, knee pain, back pain, sprain and strain in muscles”., These claims were not substantiated.

43. Naturo-Herbal Clinic: The advertisement claims “Obesity - Lose weight upto 10 - 15 kilograms”, “Who says an obese cannot become slim?”, “ObesityKiller, traditional herbal treatment, famous since many years can be consumed once daily” and “100% Safe Natural remedy eat anything and everything and still look thin”.,  These claims were not substantiated.

44. Rocket Capsules: The advertisement and the pack visual claims that the product is meant for enhancement of sexual pleasure. This was in violation of the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act.

45. Cool Curves Clinic: The advertisement’s claims “FDA approved unique technology with highest customer satisfaction”, “The Patented Technology by Zeltiq USA” and “First time in Karnataka”, were not substantiated.

46. Phytotech Extracts Pvt Ltd (Proteqt): The advertisement claims “Proteqt - No more Morning Blues  - Get up fresh - No after-effects of party - No morning dullness - Enjoy party better - Fresh morning after – Natural”, “1st time ever”, “Usage: Take 1 Proteqt 10-15 minutes before the party (Can be taken in morning if morning dullness is experience)” and “Enriched with Flavonoids, Polyphenols, Tannins & Vitamin C Anti-oxidants etc.” These claims were not substantiated.


The CCC found that claims in the advertisements by 22 advertisers were not substantiated and, thus, violated ASCI Guidelines for Advertising of Educational Institutions. Hence complaints against these advertisements were UPHELD.

1. Aptech Limited (Arena Animation International Programme): The disclaimer on the advertisement claims, “Arena is not a university, its courses do not require government recognition” is contradictory to the sign off claim, “online varsity.  Your e-way to learning”, which is misleading.

2. Lalani Group (Lalani Academy): The advertisement on the promotional material of Lalani Academy claims affiliation with the Government of West Bengal, Directorate of Employment Exchange. Also the advertisement includes the National Emblem as a symbol of Employment Exchange, implying that the Academy is a Government of India undertaking, was considered to be misleading and was not substantiated with evidence.

3. Narayana Group of School: The advertisement of Narayana Group of School claims, “World's no 1 and always no 1. ”, “The only one chosen from all over India in NASA Space Settlement Contest is from Narayana School”, “1st rank and the 3rd rank holder in INJSO are from Narayana School”. These claims were not substantiated.

4. Utkarsh Institute: The advertisement’s claims “Join No.1 in Rajasthan” and “Rajasthan’s only ISO 9001-2008 Certified Institute”, were not substantiated.

5. Ramesh Singh Coaching: The claims “India's No.1 centre for GS Economics and Essay”, “India’s largest selling writer (HT-Nielsen)” were not substantiated.

6. Podar World School - Podar Jumbo Kids: The claims “Ranked # 1 Pre-School by Education World”,  “88 years of experience” and  “British Council International School Award 2014-2017”,  were not substantiated.

7. Jagannath International Management School: The advertisement claims “100% Placements”. The ad further claims to have been awarded the Best Management Institute in Delhi by Big Brands Research, Best Industry Interface by Dewang Mehta, Best B-School award for Industry Related Curriculum in International Business and the prestigious Indian Education Award 2013 for Excellence and Innovation in Management Studies. These claims were not substantiated.

8. Global Indian International School: The advertisement claims Global Indian International School to be the world's most awarded school and have received 39 international awards for Excellence. These claims were not substantiated.

Complaints against advertisements of all educational institutes listed below mostly are UPHELD because of unsubstantiated claims that they ‘provide 100% placement/AND/OR they claim to be the No.1 in their respective fields’:

Kimberley The International School, Sri Chaitanya Educational (Sri Chaitanya Techno School), Indian Institute of L&M Technology, Sojatia Classes, Prime Academy Private Limited, Yashwantrao Mohite Institute of Management, Confidence Institute of Technology, Science Academy, CrackVerbal, Corporate Training & Development Institute (CTDI Gurukul for Bankers), IEEE Coaching, Vision Group of Institute, NIFA Classes and Shivaji Business Training Institute.


1. Britannia Industries (Britannia 100% Whole Wheat Bread): The advertisement claims, “100% Whole Wheat Bread”. This claim was found to be misleading.

2. Phytotech Extracts (Multea):  The advertisement claims that Multea can be used in maintaining good health & sense of well-being, preventing & managing diabetic complications, weight management, regulates carbohydrate absorption in the body, adds nourishment and keeps your body healthy”. They also claim to be “1st time ever”. These claims were not substantiated.

3. KC Food Products Pvt Ltd (KC Digestive Biscuits): The advertisement’s claims KC Digestive to be “India's best”, “KC digestive can easily boast to be the best digestive in the market due to its highest content of whole wheat flour than any other Digestive biscuits”, were not substantiated.

4. Pepsi Foods (Pepsi): The advertisement of Pepsi shows the scene of the “shopkeeper ignoring the person asking for water” which disparages a good dietary practice.

5. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd (Horlicks Lite): The advertisement of Horlicks Lite claims “Lite Horlicks ismain hain antioxidant nutrients jo zaruri hain body ko cell damage se protect karne ke liye" (with “+High Protein” claim in words).  In the context of the overall communication, this claim was found to be misleading by implication.

6. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd (Horlicks): The TVC advertisement suggests that consumption of Horlicks can be initiated at the time of exams for better concentration. The voice over “Exam aage – Dhyaan na Bhaage” gives the impression of instant effect on consumption of the product whereas longevity of consumption of the product is necessary for efficacy. The claim was found misleading by ambiguity.

7. Gurudham Sanjivani Tea: The advertisement claims “Say bye bye to many diseases”.  It further claims that the product helps to protect from high and low blood pressure, controls the heartbeat, is beneficial for diabetics and also in controlling cholesterol. These claims were not substantiated.

8. Dhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd (Lal Ghoda Tea & Kala Ghoda Tea): The advertisement claims “Drink and serve Tea full of Anti-Oxidants, make health & agility of mind and body.” The advertisement further claims the product to be “100% Pure Assam CTC Tea”. These claims were not adequately substantiated.

9. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd (Boost): In the advertisement Boost claims its use “Increases stamina 3 times" was substantiated by a published research paper as per the J. Nutr. September 2011. However this study was among young children. In this context, the depiction of adult cricketers juxtaposed with the claim of “X3” was considered to be misleading by implication. Also, the duration of the supers in the TVC was not for 6 seconds.

10. Bihar State Milk Cooperative Federation Ltd (Sudha Milk): The advertisement claims “No 1 dairy brand in Bihar and Jharkhand”, was not substantiated and was found to be misleading.


1. Idea Cellular Ltd (Idea Internet Network): The advertisement of Idea Internet Network was found to be misleading by ambiguity as it  led consumers to believe that through IIN a student can avail the same level of education (Economics and Biology) as is being provided in a college. The advertisement further refers to “IIN Tamilnadu” whereas IIN is only providing an internet medium for seeking information. There is no data to support that the subjects being referred to in the advertisement are being made available for formal education.

2. Idea Cellular Ltd (Idea Internet Network): The advertisement of Idea Internet Network has reference of the protagonist not having enough funds to study Hotel Management and further shows him as “IIN Graduates shine”. The advertisement was found to be misleading by implication as it led consumers to believe that through IIN a student can avail the same level of education as is being provided in a professional college. It further refers to IIN as “The greatest place to learn” whereas IIN is only providing an internet medium for seeking information. There is no data to support that the subjects being referred to in the advertisement are being made available for formal education.

3. Bharti Airtel (Airtel): The advertisement of Airtel claims, “India’s Best 3G network”. This claim was not adequately substantiated. Also, the claim “Airtel gives 122% faster download speeds than other 3G networks” was unsubstantiated.

4. Bharti Airtel (Airtel):  Various advertisements of Airtel claim Airtel provides India's best 3G network, which was not adequately substantiated. The advertisement’s other claims: to provide 34.5% faster speed that other networks, Airtel 3G has 30% more indoor coverage, 17% more battery life, were not adequately substantiated. It was noted that the provided numbers are not based on extensive studies to adequately support the claims in the advertisements and the comparisons are not done with the next best in class.

5. Vodafone Essar (Vodafone Mobile Network): The advertisement’s claim of “Fastest 3G Network” was not substantiated adequately and was misleading by ambiguity.


1. Vijay Sales: The claim Vijay Sales “The No.1 for Electronics” was not substantiated.

2. Standard Chartered Bank Ltd. (Standard Chartered): The advertisement’s claim, “Spend Rs 30,000 in a year and we waive your joining fee”, is misleading by omission in the absence of a disclaimer qualifying the terms and conditions of the offer.

3. Board of Control for Cricket in India (IPL): The advertisement of IPL, shown on a children’s channel, depicting “a ball kept in a microwave oven being blown up”, shows a dangerous act which is likely to encourage minors to emulate such acts in a manner which could cause harm or injury.

4. A’s Holiday Beach Resort: The website advertisement’s claims their Beach Resort having “In house restaurant”, and “Sea View”, were not adequately substantiated.

5. Kalyan Jewellers: The advertisement shows “a small dark complexioned boy (minor) holding an umbrella”, which implies child labour which is against the law.  Also, by implication, the advertisement derides colour.

6. Amazon Seller Services Pvt Ltd ( In the advertisement, is marketing Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile at Rs 17,999 portraying that a customer will save 57% as MRP of the phone is Rs 41,500. The consumer has seen the product on the Amazon web-site and the transaction has been between the consumer and Amazon. Based on the details provided by the complainant i.e. actual MRP as printed on the packaging of phone, it was concluded that the web-site advertisement was misleading.

7. Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (Honda Unicorn CB 160 CC): The claim in the advertisement, of “Special Offer” for the existing Unicorn customers was not substantiated.

8. Intex Technologies (P) Ltd (Intex aqua Speed): The statement in the advertisement “tu toh atakata hai” derides speech challenged persons.

9. Chugh Pen Company (3K Char Pens): The advertisement uses a profanity with absolutely no context or justification. The advertisement of 3K Char Pens was found indecent and vulgar.

10. Shethcorp Pvt Ltd (Sheth Builders): The advertisement shows a new building project in Mulund, Mumbai with the picture of green mountains, it has been surrounded with and describing the neighbourhood with premium malls. The claims in the advertisement were not substantiated.

11. Sharp India (Sharp Inverter): The advertisement’s claims: “India's no 1 inverter AC” and “Running a Sharp Inverter AC is cheaper than using a Smart Phone”, were not substantiated.

12. Sanco Industries Ltd (Sanco Product): The claims “Catch No fire”, was not substantiated and was misleading by implication.

13. Panasonic India (Panasonic Life Conditioners): The advertisement’s claim “99% pure air” was considered to be misleading, notwithstanding the super in the advertisement.

14. Sarthak Entertainment Pvt Ltd (Sarthak TV): The advertisement of Sarthak TV claims it is the “No. 1 Channel”. The claim is misleading as the data period is of one week. This claim (quoting TAM as a source) violated the TAM Guidelines.

15. Times Internet Limited ( The advertisement’s claims: is “India’s No.1 Property Site”, “Maximum Options” and “Best Advice & Info”, were not substantiated adequately and were misleading by omission of qualifiers or descriptors for the claims.

16. Sarthak TV: In the advertisement Sarthak TV claims to be “No. 1 Channel” is substantiated for week 1 to 14. The data period shown is only of one week and not minimum of eight weeks as required by the TAM guidelines. This super (quoting TAM source) violated the TAM Guidelines.

17. Info Edge (India) Ltd ( The advertisement of claims: to be “India’s No. 1 Property Portal” and “The undisputed leader”, were found to be unsubstantiated.

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