Why BN Group’s oil brand, Nutrica, wants to target kids

In an exclusive interview with BestMediaInfo, Kiran Giradkar, Chief Marketing Officer of BN Group, reveals the thought behind Nutrica becoming India’s first edible oil curated for kids

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Kiran Giradkar

Kiran Giradkar

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Delhi: Metaphorically, when Robert Frost in ‘The Road Not Taken’ mentioned the two roads diverging in a wood and “I took the one less travelled by," he emphasised that the path less travelled is  'the road not taken.'

Similarly, opting for the less-trodden route, BN Group’s edible oil brand, Nutrica, has become the first edible oil brand to take forward the proposition of an oil brand curated for kids.

In the past, edible oil brands have targeted females and typically portrayed women as the caretakers of the family's health, emphasising the use of healthy cooking oil to promote well-being. Beyond this, edible oil brands often take on propositions such as cholesterol control, a healthy heart, and similar propositions.

In an exclusive conversation with BestMediaInfo, Kiran Giradkar, Chief Marketing Officer of BN Group, shared insights behind the brand’s move to target kids. "Through consumer surveys, we discovered that no one in India has yet tapped into an oil category specifically for kids," he said.

Giradkar said, "In the past, we’ve seen brands such as Bournvita, Complan, and other such brands targeting kids in ads; never before have we encountered a conversation around the type of oil preferred for children.” 

He further said, "Taking care of our kids is essential. They represent the future of our nation, and I aim to contribute to building a stronger future for them. By venturing into the children's segment, our advertisements stand out. It has the potential to influence the kids.”

Giving an example, he said, "As a child, you notice the things you grow up with.  And ask, Mom, “You have taken a different toothbrush for me; you have taken a different paste for me, so why not a specific oil? Nutrica fills this gap by offering an oil that not only provides vitality but also serves as a ticket to making it India's first edible oil curated for kids." 

Created by Gozoop Group, Nutrica has launched a campaign #JaisaGharWaisaCookingOil to promote its stance on kids health. The campaign consists of six commercials (TVCs), OOH, print, in-shop, and other digital assets.

Built around the philosophy that ‘not one size fits all’, the campaign spotlights three product films highlighting the benefits of each of the brand’s variants, i.e., Nutrica Pro Immunity Oil, Nutrica Pro Energy Oil, and Nutrica Pro Fitness Oil.

Shedding light on creating multiple films, Mohit Ahuja, President, Gozoop Group, said, “We had a range of oils, all with specific benefits. Rather than just highlight these benefits, we thought it would be nice if a distinct need for each could be shown through examples of human behaviour.”

"The creative team has done that beautifully. The humorous tonality of the thematic ads further #BreaksTheBox in the category,” he further added.

Shedding light on other edible oil brands’s marketing strategies, specifically in the case of Saffola, Giradkar remarked, "For the past 30 years, Saffola has been only promoting heart health. As a marketer, we recognised a challenge within this approach."

Therefore, he stated that Nutrica ‘breaks the box’ by highlighting that ‘no one size fits all’.

Along with targeting kids in ads, Nutrica has resorted to hyper-local marketing. Giradkar explained, "Our strategy involves engaging directly with children and targeting prominent schools, particularly English-medium institutions. That's where our product will find its place."

However, he added, "This strategy isn't usual for FMCG companies. They tend to adopt a broad category to target everyone in a city because they see everyone as potential customers. Our strategy stands out from this approach."

The film is being made available in six languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. It will run on social media platforms as well as television for a sustained period of time.

For the record, India currently stands as the world's largest importer of edible oil. In 2023, the size of the Indian edible oil market will reach 24.7 million metric tonnes. IMARC Group predicted it will reach 27.9 million metric tonnes by 2032, showing a growth rate of 1.35% from 2024 to 2032.

When discussing the media mix strategy, Giradkar emphasised the importance of OTT platforms for communicating the essence of the new brand through commercials. Additionally, he mentioned that for smaller cities, print media would be considered as well.

Focusing on partnerships and consumer interaction as the primary focus of his marketing strategy, Giradkar stated that the company will allocate a significant portion of its budget towards consumer interaction and e-shop promotions, with 50% of the budget going into promotional activities."

He also mentioned that TV commercials (TVC) are part of the plan. However, given that the brand just launched in late April or May, it's not the right time to heavily invest in TV advertising. 

Giradkar mentioned that Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, and Ahmedabad are the five major cities where the brand will focus its marketing efforts.

Additionally, he stated that within a year, the brand aims to expand into the top 12 metros of India, achieving a mass presence by then.

When discussing challenges in the edible oil category, Giradkar mentions two main problems:

●    Awareness:

Giradkar points out that many consumers don't fully understand why they buy certain oils, besides knowing they're healthy, and that they might not be aware of other reasons for their choices. 

●    Adoption: 

Giradkar explained that India is a market where people are still driven by value consciousness. Moving consumers from using single-seed oils to broader options is a big challenge. So, the focus isn't on targeting single-seed oil users right away. Giradkar stated that he plans to first convert those already using oils into the broader category.

Considering food as a cluttered category with many other brands vying for it, Giradkar explained how BN Group's marketing has become more conversational around this category. 

“While many brands focus on taste and health, Nutrica takes a different approach. It positions itself as a wellness brand,” he stated. 

Further adding, he said, “Our product line, Nutrica, will centre its messaging on holistic wellness. This includes not just physical health but also social well-being and mental wellness, and our conversations will reflect this holistic approach."