LG Electronics allocates Rs 23 crore for ATL marketing for its AC range this summer

Sanjay Chitkara, Senior Vice-President of LG Electronics sheds light on the brand’s 360 campaign strategy this summer and highlights what distinguishes the 27-year-old brand from its competitors

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Sanjay Chitkara

Sanjay Chitkara

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Delhi: As temperatures soar, LG Electronics India has allocated over Rs 23 crore for above-the-line (ATL) marketing activities for its AC range this summer.

In Q1 FY2024, LG achieved record-breaking sales following the launch of its new flagship feature range, which includes the Energy Manager and ArtCool Air Conditioners.

To raise awareness about the new range of ACs, the brand has launched the campaign ‘You Decide Your Bill,’ which aims to address the top purchase barrier: running costs.

The campaign:

Sanjay Chitkara, Senior Vice-President, LG Electronics India, told that LG Electronics plans to target all touch points - ranging from Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BTL) marketing, digital media presence including CTV, leveraging brand presence in IPL and general elections as well. 

He further said, "This year, we are allocating a substantial budget towards both ATL and BTL activities, with an annual marketing expenditure of 3 million dollars dedicated to ATL."

Throwing light on the brand’s focus on digital media for the summer campaign, Chitkara said, “We are not only investing in Google search but also targeting our customers across various platforms to ensure our brand is visible wherever they are searching for this product. Additionally, our presence extends to mobile and connected TV platforms during the IPL.”

He also noted that radio, OOH, and print are also a very important medium to leverage their brand’s campaign presence. 

In addition to focusing on these specific properties, to enhance visibility he affirmed, “We are targeting major properties like IPL as well the general election. We will be there with all leading news channels this year. That's what we are planning.” he added.

Chitkara told that the campaign has helped increase traffic on the brand’s website. He said, “During our campaign, we found traffic to our website and other online platforms has multiplied a lot. We have seen a surge, LG was the most searched brand during our campaign period. It has been always there, but that search level increased to many folds during this campaign period.”

Highlighting the intent behind this campaign, Chitkara said, “ It's giving a single message of no sudden surprise electricity bill. We have introduced an air conditioner equipped with an energy manager that allows consumers to specify their desired electricity consumption for a set period. If the consumption exceeds the preset limit, it will send additional notifications to alert the user.”

“It not only controls, it understands and so the whole power and freedom is with the consumer. That is why we are saying you decide your electricity bill. And we believe that this will change and revolutionise how consumers are using their air conditioners,” he added. 

Discussing how LG differentiates itself from competitors in terms of brand awareness with BestMediaInfo, Chitkara said that being in the market for 27 years there is a significant advantage compared to other leading brands. "We have 10,000 to 12,000 store promoters which is a scale unmatched by any other competitors and have around 20,000 service engineers.”

So these are consumer-facing workforce who are thoroughly trained to enhance brand reputation to consumers. This aspect is often overlooked by other marketers of other companies, he emphasised. 

Youngmin Hwang, Director, Home Appliances & Air Conditioner- LG Electronics India said, “With a new and consumer insights-based product portfolio we are confident to further strengthen our leadership position in the Indian market. 

LG attributed its success to its latest innovation in its 2024 lineup consisting of 77 new Models, setting new standards for energy efficiency, style, and performance in the Indian market. 

Hong Ju Jeon- MD, LG Electronics India said, “In 2024 our focus is to further enhance our market leadership across product categories. We will continue to introduce product innovations across diverse categories, deeply rooted in our understanding of customer lifestyles, seeking to lead the market through thoughtful innovations for a better life.”

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