From recycled plastic benches to cigarette butts' jeans, brands befriend environment

This World Environment Day, has included work done by Coca-Cola, Maggi, Lay’s, Lee Cooper, Zypp Electric, Titan Company, JK Paper and Vantara

Niveditha Kalyanaraman
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New Delhi: World Environment Day celebrated annually on June 5 is the opportunity brands use to highlight their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. 

This global observance helps companies showcase their environmental initiatives, engage with environmentally conscious consumers, and reinforce their brand values. 

Through creative campaigns, innovative product launches, and impactful storytelling, brands emphasise their role in addressing environmental challenges. These advertisements not only aim to promote products but also to inspire a broader movement towards sustainable living, reflecting a growing trend where corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

This environment day, has included work done by Coca-Cola, Maggi, Lay’s, Lee Cooper, DS Group Zypp Electric, Titan Company, JK Paper and Vantara. 

1. Coca-Cola India promotes conversations on sustainable benches made of recycled waste

In celebration of World Environment Day, Coca-Cola India launched #BenchPeBaat, a campaign aimed at reviving the spirit of true connections and conversations among people. 

Coca-Cola India through its foundation, Anandana, in partnership with United Way Mumbai has installed 380 sustainable benches in 10 cities in India. These repurposed benches are crafted from recycled plastic waste collected during the ICC World Cup 2023.

The campaign film conceptualised by Havas People India - Talent communication and Employer branding agency of Havas India, features a blend of AI-generated visuals.

2. Maggi elucidates the ‘right way’ to dispose of its packet

Under the ‘Desh Ke Liye 2 Minute’ initiative, Maggi has shared the story of a young Nestlé executive on how she gives 2 minutes for the environment.

This initiative is aimed at educating consumers on the right way of disposing of an empty Maggi packet.

Recently, Maggi introduced an edible fork, made from wheat flour to reduce the usage of single-use plastic.

3. Lay’s addresses water sustainability with ‘Drops of Joy’ film

Lay's championed the message ‘Potatoes Are The True Superheroes’ with the nationwide launch of its film, ‘Drops of Joy’. 

During frying, about 80% of the water naturally found in potatoes evaporates and is typically wasted. Lay's, however, employs a process to reclaim and convert this vapour back into water. What makes this potato special is its ability to use its own water to create water, contributing to its goal of achieving water positivity in its facilities. This process is illustrated in an animated film called ‘Drops of Joy’ by Lay's.

DS Group’s immersive mixed-reality ad  #SaveTheFuture

DS Group launched the awareness campaign, #SaveTheFuture. The immersive mixed-reality ad campaign highlighted the pressing need for sustainable living and the disastrous outcomes of unchecked environmental degradation. The campaign kicked off with a ‘newspaper of the future’ print ad which is the centrepiece of this campaign. Scanning a code opens a video showcasing future headlines like ‘The grass is no longer greener on either side,’ ending with the message: ‘Our sayings will lose their essence if we don’t act now to save nature.’ The campaign will unfold in phases, utilising various media and digital platforms to convey its message.

4. Lee Cooper launches jeans made of cigarette butts 

On World Environment Day, Lee Cooper, in collaboration with Reliance Retail, launched the "Eco-ntribute" initiative. 

This initiative, crafted by Makani Creatives, features jeans made from recycled cigarette butts. The initiative aims to raise awareness and promote the concept of conscious fashion through recycling.


5. Zypp Electric launches Green'o'Meter for planting trees

Zypp Electric has launched its Green'o'Meter initiative on World Environment Day, with the goal of planting 1 million trees by 2030. 

The Green'o'Meter initiative will feature the efforts of Zypp Electric and its partners in reducing emissions, displayed through a ticker on the Zypp Electric website. This ticker will show the carbon savings, translated into the number of trees planted.


6. Titan Company captures the journey of Pahadi women in 'The Hills are Alive' film

Titan Company, in collaboration with Himmotthan, a Tata Trusts initiative, announced the release of a film titled "The Hills Are Alive," showcasing the Himmotthan Springshed Program. 

This film aims to reveal the journey of the Pahadi community in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand, shedding light on the issue of water scarcity and the efforts to address it.

Hotter summers and erratic rains have dried up topsoil, preventing groundwater replenishment. This left women and children walking up to six hours daily to fetch water, impacting their education, safety, and quality of life.

Titan partnered with Himmotthan in 2013, after the Uttarakhand floods. Together, they initiated a springshed management plan, aiming to rejuvenate dried springs, constructed trenches, and percolation tanks across 60 villages in Tehri. 

7. JK Paper draws attention to the issue of land restoration 

JK Paper released an informative video highlighting the theme of 'Land Restoration.' This film, conceptualised by JK Paper, draws inspiration from its Agro/Social Farm Forestry Program. The program exemplifies how companies can enhance their competitive advantage while addressing critical environmental concerns. 

The film showcases the cultivation and harvesting of special tree varieties like Subabul, Casuarina, and Eucalyptus on farmland. These trees are then utilised in paper production, enriching green cover and demonstrating a sustainable approach to business. 

8. Vantara and Anant Ambani pledge to save the environment

Vantara, the wildlife preservation project founded by Anant Bhai Ambani, has launched a new film featuring celebrities in honour of World Environment Day. The campaign, tagged with #ImAVantarian, aims to raise awareness and foster collective action towards environmental conservation. 

The video showcases personalities from various fields, including Ajay Devgan, Bhumi Pednekar, Janhvi Kapoor and Varun Sharma, creator Kusha Kapila, and cricketer KL Rahul. 

Each celebrity passionately expresses their commitment to the environment, urging viewers to join them in making a tangible difference. The video encourages viewers to take a pledge for the environment, adopt sustainable practices, and spread the word using the campaign hashtag. 

9. Tata Power launches 'Green Anthem' emphasising importance of younger generation's efforts

Tata Power celebrated World Environment Day with the launch of its latest campaign film - the 'Green Anthem.' With the tagline "Hum hai Generation Green, Desh ka future hoga behtareen" (We are Generation Green, our country's future will be better than it has ever been), Tata Power is emphasising the role of the younger generation in shaping a green future for India. The anthem highlights the importance of early environmental education and underscores the contribution of initiatives such as Club Enerji which engage children in the crucial conversation about climate consciousness from an early age.