Viewers paid 1.2 times more attention to ads on JioCinema on mobile than YT CTV: Neuroscience study

Brand equity increased by 1.2 times compared to YouTube on mobile

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Delhi: JioCinema, the Official Digital Streaming Partner of Tata IPL 2024, has released the results of a neuroscience study aimed at understanding and quantifying how viewers respond to advertisements during the Tata IPL.

This research highlights the engagement by ads viewed on JioCinema, both on Connected TV (CTV) and mobile platforms.

JioCinema signed 28 sponsors and over 1,400 advertisers and reported a streaming viewership record with a 620 million reach during Tata IPL 2024.

JioCinema conducted a neuroscience study utilising EEG brain mapping devices. The study measured key performance metrics, such as distraction levels, mental effort required to understand and remember ads, changes in brand equity, and purchase intent, directly from viewers' brains.

Participants watched their favourite teams' matches along with the ads on various platforms, including JioCinema on CTV and mobile, and on Linear TV (LTV) channels. Comparative data was also collected from YouTube on CTV and mobile.

Key Findings: 

Large Screen (CTV):

Viewers displayed much more attentive ad viewing, 1.2 times higher than LTV and YouTube CTV.

Brand equity increased by 1.5 times compared to LTV and doubled compared to YouTube CTV.


Small Screen (Mobile):

Viewers were significantly more attentive to ads, 1.2 times higher than YouTube on mobile.

Brand equity increased by 1.2 times compared to YouTube on mobile.

Shikher Chaudhary, Cognitive Neuroscientist and Director of Neurons India, who worked with JioCinema to conduct this study, said, “The effectiveness of ads and how motivating it is to consumers is dependent not only on the creative narrative of the ad but also the scenario in which consumers encounter it. Here we see that the platform has a significant effect on purchase intent, by advertising on JioCinema allows for something called the Halo effect, in which the goodwill garnered by the goodness and new-age features of the platform transfers onto the ads, boosting reception to the brands as a result.”

"Our recent experiment has demonstrated that advertising on our platform significantly outperforms other platforms both on large and small screens, in terms of brand equity and purchase intent. Brands that leverage our platform see a more profound impact, with higher engagement and stronger consumer connections,” said Viacom18 Sports  Head of Revenue Anup Govindan. “This proves that our unique approach and advanced targeting capabilities provide a superior advertising environment. We're excited to help more brands achieve these exceptional results and drive their business growth to new heights."

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