Super 7 ads of the week: Ads that coloured their narratives ‘interesting’

This week, has included work done by Britannia, Kitkat, Bachpan Play School, Birla Opus, Urban Company, Oppo and PVR Inox

Niveditha Kalyanaraman
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New Delhi: The world of advertisements is characterised with colour and narratives that fit the bill to carry the weight of the brand.  

This week, has included work done by Britannia, Kitkat, Bachpan Play School, Birla Opus, Urban Company, Oppo and PVR Inox. 

1. Ravi Shastri unveils his dual persona for Britannia 50-50

Britannia 50-50 kicked off the season with a new TVC with Ravi Shastri in a dual avatar for Britannia 50-50 Sweet and Salty. Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, the TVC captures the essence of the cracker by showcasing Ravi Shastri in a playful dual persona, conversing with doves. As he experiences the sweet and salty sides of the biscuit, his interactions with the doves mirror the distinct flavours. His persona softens when he experiences the sweetness, but his response takes a witty and playful turn when he encounters the salty crunch. 

Britannia has introduced an initiative in partnership with Mindshare India, integrating AI technology. The Britannia 50-50 T20 Golmaal with Ravi Shastri aims to offer a way for users to interact with Shastri during the ongoing cricket season and receive Golmaal advice. 

Building on last year’s chatbot, Chatbot 2.0 initiative now includes a new AR feature, presenting an animated Shastri avatar that answers "Golmaal" questions with humour. This addition activates the user's rear camera, projecting a digital avatar of Ravi Shastri onto their screen, allowing users to ask questions directly.

2. KitKat and Netflix celebrate ‘taking breaks’ with Ayushmann Khurrana

The director is Sharat Katariya and it stars bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana.

At the heart of the campaign is the theme of taking a break. As Khurrana feels bored with repetitive roles on a movie set, he yearns for a break. The commercial highlights the idea that just like there's a KitKat for everyone, there's a Netflix show or movie for every mood.

3. Bachpan Play School revisits school time memories to highlight importance of one’s roots

The campaign aims to be a gentle reminder of a school's role in everyone’s life. Moreover, it is about cherishing memories acknowledging the teachers' efforts, and reinstating the respect schools truly deserve. 

The campaign video features Saina Nehwal training students in sports. Students share their visions for the perfect school environment, culminating in the proud declaration, "I am at school," highlighting their sense of pride and connection with the school. 

Moreover, it aims to highlight a heartfelt journey to one’s roots, where the educational journey started. The campaign designed to rekindle long-left connections encourages and appreciates early years and acknowledges school education's significant impact.

4. Birla Opus embarks on journey to ‘Make Life Beautiful!’

The film has a track created by Indian composer, Ram Sampath with the message – ‘Duniya Ko Rang Do’ (Colour the world).The communication has been conceptualised by Leo Burnett India and produced by Zombie Studio. 

The film opens in a black and white world where a kid is shown touching an object in his house which transforms into its real vibrant colours. His mother is concerned that if anybody sees him doing this, they will get angry with him, so she tries to protect him by telling him not to do so. Later when he steps out, he again tries to use his power and then goes on a spree and touches all possible surfaces that transforms the dull and lifeless to colourful, vibrant and full of joy. The mother then realises the positive effect that her son has brought towards making the world a beautiful place!

5. Urban Company taps Meta for Hyperlocal Marketing Strategy

The campaign leverages Meta’s geo-targeting capability with day parting (serving ads only at certain hours of the day).

The films features two dynamic, fast-paced Meta-first films that reimagine the classic concept of uninvited guests as bathroom critics.

6. Oppo India tests the F27 Pro+ with Shraddha Kapoor and Shreyas Iyer

The TVC aims to resonate with the bold and adventurous spirit of Gen-Z. 

The TVC puts the F27 Pro+ to the ultimate test, subjecting it to the rigors of a washing machine, dunking it in a swimming pool, hammering the cricket wicket with it, running it over with a car, and more. Each time, the phone emerges on top, proving its resilience. The #DareToFlaunt campaign encourages users to proudly show off their new phone without fear of damaging it.

7. PVR Inox and Kartik Aaryan celebrate experience of films in theatres

In the campaign video, Aaryan narrates the magic of cinema, emphasising the energy and collective experience that only a cinema hall can offer.

Aaryan urges viewers to leave their couches, gather their friends, and enjoy the experience that only a cinema can offer. The campaign tagline is “Fresh Dekho. Bada Dekho.” which translates to “Watch it fresh. Watch it big.” 

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