Super 7 ads of the week: Ads with resonating narratives

This week, has included work done by IKEA, Myntra Home, Zupee, CollegeDekho, Britannia, Enamor and Bisk Farm

Niveditha Kalyanaraman
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New Delhi: From cutting-edge digital creations to heartfelt storytelling and groundbreaking visuals, ads need not only sell products but also need to resonate deeply with audiences. 

This week, has included work done by IKEA, Myntra Home, Zupee, CollegeDekho, Britannia, Enamor and Bisk Farm. 

1. IKEA embraces LGBTQIA+ community, captures stereotypes hidden in 'The Closet'

IKEA has released a digital film, The Closet, that highlights the struggles faced by the LGBTQIA+ community and encourages people to be more inclusive and compassionate towards them. The video focuses on developing stronger allyship with the community through empathy and open dialogue, urging people to rethink stereotypes and embrace diversity.   

Conceptualised by Leo Burnett, the campaign revolves around the message ‘Closets are for clothes and not identities.’ 

The film is set in a busy IKEA store with a closet in the centre and leads with a question to the ones who chose to enter the closet- "Many have lived here, can you?”

The film goes on to show the reactions of customers who step in to find out what’s behind the closed doors—silence and a pair of headphones replaying biases that people from the queer community hear. 

2. Masaba Gupta and Kusha Kapila spotlight Myntra Home’s collection

Myntra collaborated with Masaba Gupta as the brand ambassador for Myntra Home. In this role, she will be seen in the 'Curated by Masaba' campaign that shines a spotlight on Myntra's home selection.

The ad film stars Gupta, as well as content creator Kusha Kapila, showcasing curated home and living looks and products as the focal point. Set against the backdrop of a lively party, Kapila, the hostess, revels in the admiration her meticulously curated home decor receives from guests. She improvises her responses to suggest that her decor is personally sourced from exclusive crafts worldwide. However, Gupta appears in the scene, knowing the truth about the home decor Kapila is happily showing off is from Myntra’s extensive home selection. Playfully pointing to a small vase, she questions Kapila about that purchase, prompting Kapila to awkwardly admit it's from Myntra before hastily excusing herself mid-conversation.

3. Zupee follows journey of Ludo in 'Sadiyon Se India Ka Apna Game' film

Zupee has unveiled its latest campaign, ‘Sadiyon Se India Ka Apna Game,’ celebrating the appeal of Ludo. This campaign captures Ludo's evolution through the ages, with storytelling and humor, culminating in its modern-day avatar on Zupee.

From the ancient stone age to grandeur of royal courts to the golden era of black and white and the funky retro era, Zupee’s campaign illustrates Ludo's enduring journey. 

The campaign showcases an ensemble including Saif Ali Khan, Sunil Grover, Mouni Roy, Vijay Raaz, and Abhay Deol, with each celebrity embodying a different era.

4. CollegeDekho captures trajectory of father-son bond

CollegeDekho announced the rollout of its first ever brand campaign that will be launched across TV, OTT, and Digital Platforms, following the launch of their HEART (Higher Education Analytics and Regional Trends) Report 2024.

As a part of the campaign, the TVC portrays a story of a father who chooses the best for his son right from childhood, ensuring every decision is made with love and foresight. From childhood moments to crucial life choices, the father's dedication shines through, providing the right options to secure his child's happiness and future. 

The brand film has been launched in five languages. The film aims to remove confusion and evoke trust.

5. Britannia Little Hearts unveils new look with paw-some narrative

Britannia Industries has unveiled the refreshed look of Little Hearts, now featuring modern packaging, through its TVC campaign - Every Bite, Full of Heart. 

The Little Hearts film, conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Bangalore, captures a sequence starting with a couple, sitting on a sofa. The guy offers a packet of Little Hearts to the girl, and she savours one, triggering a series of events: a puppy appears, and as they indulge in more Little Hearts, they are surrounded by playful puppies.

6. Enamor captures femininity in day-to-day activities

Enamor has unveiled its latest collection and campaign that catches women mid-movement in various activities such as aerial yoga and ballet.

Lingerie is an extremely personal and fundamental part of a woman’s life. Not only is it a product used every single day, but also an essential experience for a woman. 

7. Bisk Farm’s Googly captures funny husband-wife banter

Bisk Farm from the house of SAJ Food has launched a new TVC Campaign with Hrithik Roshan, the brand ambassador for its Googly range of biscuits. Keeping up with the Brand slogan ‘Googly- Taste with a Twist’, the TVC revolves around a fun banter between the husband and wife.  

The TVC shows Roshan engaging in a friendly banter with his wife, invoking jealousy in her. Roshan’s tongue-in-cheek response to his wife’s question on why he doesn’t love her as much as their neighbour loves his spouse, brings about a hilarious twist in the conversation. 

In order to create awareness of the Chhota Pack, Bisk Farm also launched another TVC with Hrithik Roshan.