Super 7 ads of the week: Ads that delivered beyond the screens

This week, has included work done by Durex, HDFC Mutual Fund, Dorset, Titan Raga, myTrident, toothsi, UEFA Euro

Niveditha Kalyanaraman
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Delhi: Advertisements are often considered the major weapons of promotion. Coupled with visual effects and a beautiful narrative, brands invest everything to take their ads beyond the screens. 

This week, has included work done by Durex, HDFC Mutual Fund, Dorset, Titan Raga, myTrident, toothsi, UEFA Euro. 

1. Durex urges to explore partner’s body and treat it like canvas

The campaign's film, directed by Anna Joseph, transforms the human body into a canvas of landscapes. Each body part becomes a secret destination waiting to be explored by couples. 

From “Nape Town” to “SydKnee,” “Chest Republic,” “Thighland,” and “KyoToe,” the film weaves a sensual narrative. Lubricant flows through these locations, inviting viewers to embark on an intimate journey. The film concludes with a provocative question, “Where will you go tonight?”

2. HDFC Mutual Fund uses sign language to show long-term benefits of SIP

The narrative unfolds as a young woman learns sign language to connect more deeply with her partner. This story aims to intertwine the themes of determination and consistency, mirroring the essence of SIP investments, which rely on commitment over time.

The film aims to highlight the initiative taken by the protagonist to bridge the communication gap, paralleling the disciplined approach investors can adopt through SIPs for long-term wealth accumulation and potential financial security.

3. Dorset and Enormous translate security to preservation in recent film

The film was conceptualised by Enormous and directed by Prakash Verma of Nirvana Films.

The film walks through a father suffering from Alzheimer’s, slowly losing memories of his son. The son revisits his childhood with his father’s phone and feels secure in his embrace, drawing parallels between the comfort of security and preservation of memories and relationships. 

4. Titan Raga and Alia Bhatt celebrate sisterhood in ‘Beautiful Together’ film

From creating connections over beauty hacks to extending support and collaborating with each other to shatter barriers across various domains, the brand believes that sisterhood is a thriving reality.

Bhatt is seen interacting with women around her: from complimenting a stranger in an elevator, sharing a tender moment of exchanging a Raga timepiece with a friend to enhance her attire, and to supporting another facing a fashion mishap at a social event. 

The voiceover captures the core thought with “Humaari khubsurati mein ek dusre ka haath hai,” shining a spotlight on beauty as a catalyst. The campaign aims to raise a toast to all women who enable, support, and cheer each other on.

5. myTrident shows harmonious 'saas bahu' chemistry with Sharmila Tagore & Kareena Kapoor Khan

myTrident has introduced its latest campaign starring their brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan alongside Sharmila Tagore. 

This collaboration highlights the harmonious and elegant relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

The campaign unveils a television commercial produced by Dharma 2.0 under the leadership of Punit Malhotra.

The duo immerses themselves in the sanctuary of their home, luxuriating amidst myTrident's home essentials.  

6. toothsi assures #AbBracesGaayabAapNahi in latest film

Through the new film, toothsi tries to highlight the popular belief that when people put on braces, all the attention goes to their braces and they become ‘invisible.’ 

toothsi addresses this popular belief with its film that introduces the efficiency of toothsi invisible aligners. 

7. Kartik Aaryan taps into his ‘alien’ self for Sony Sports Network’s Uefa Euro 2024

The campaign film aims to provide a glimpse of what ‘the biggest footballing event of the universe’ will bring to the table. The film features Aaryan, who for the first time dons the avatar of an alien from outer space, intrigued by the celebrations on Earth and decides to join the festival of football. The alien finds his identical self in a human form. The duo then joins hands along with thousands of other fans to celebrate their favourite European teams and players participating in the tournament.