Super 7 ads of the week: Ads that capture mosaic of creativity

This week, has included work done by boAt, Wild Stone, McDonald’s, Ludic, Timex, Under Armour and Swiggy Instamart

Niveditha Kalyanaraman
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Delhi: Advertisements are the mosaic of creativity that brands get to splurge on. 

This week, has included work done by boAt, Wild Stone, McDonald’s, Ludic, Timex, Under Armour and Swiggy Instamart. 

  1. boAt and Shruti Hassan blend retro with contemporary sensibilities

boAt has partnered with actress and singer Shruti Haasan to launch the all-new Bassheads 122 ANC wired earphones. 

This partnership celebrates the resurgence of the 90s fashion era, a trend where styles are making a comeback with a modern twist. 

The campaign, titled "Bass ReWired," captures the essence of this revival. It highlights the return of wired earphones as a fashion statement, alongside other popular trends from the 90s like baseball shirts, leather pants and miniskirts. 

2. Wild Stone places #Sundamentalfacts of sunscreen usage

Wild Stone Code has unveiled its latest creative campaign - #Sundamentalfacts, centred around its sun protection range. Ideated by its digital creative partner, popkorn, the campaign aims to evangelise understanding and usage of sunscreens, promoting better skincare amongst men.

The #Sundamentalfacts campaign is crafted into five separate films, each delivering insights into sunscreen selection and application. 

The first film of the series addresses the power of sunscreen by comparing its protection to the power and reliability of a high-performance car. The subsequent films similarly focus on the importance of lightweight, non-greasy formulas, avoiding white casts, techniques for optimal sunscreen use, and the need for sunscreen application within indoor environments - which so often gets side-lined.

3. McDonald’s India solves Newton-Level Math but ‘it doesn’t add up’

McDonald’s India (West and South), owned and operated by Westlife Foodworld, launched its McSavers+ campaign, with the tagline, 'It Doesn’t Add Up.' 

The campaign is complemented by a TVC. It opens with a scene at a McDonald’s counter where two GenZ kids are amazed by the math-defying offer: a Chicken Surprise plus a Coke Float. Their confusion is likened to solving a complex math that even Newton would find challenging. The scene shifts to Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, being struck by a Chicken Surprise Burger while enjoying a Coke Float. 

The genius takes this strange incident as inspiration, symbolising a breakthrough in understanding the unbelievable value. With the tagline “Value so good, it doesn’t add up,” the TVC mixes historical wit with modern-day value expectations.

4. Ludic aims to present ‘Canvas,’ not as it’s known

“Canvas, but not as you know it” is the tagline of the latest ad campaign by Ludic, the footwear-first lifestyle brand. 

Created in collaboration with ad agency Elvessy, this campaign introduces Ludic's new exclusively designed, manufactured, all-home-grown canvas sneakers for both men and women.

5. Timex scraps concept of ‘wasting time’ to pursue one’s passion

The global campaign encourages people to forget the hustle and bustle and reconnect with themselves by spending more time doing what they love most, even if others view it as a total waste of time. 

Panday is seen happily gliding around her bookshelf, picking up books and seemingly immersed in work. The ad then takes a turn, showing the take of wasting time to do things that bring joy with Panday balancing books on her head while breaking into a groovy dance. 

Panday balances work and play by indulging in the concept of Waste More Time with Timex.  

6. Under Armour captures Neeraj Chopra’s ‘Zidd For More’ belief in new film

Under Armour’s campaign is inspired by Neeraj Chopra’s grit, resilience, determination and stubbornness. 

The ‘Zidd For More’ campaign delves into the Olympic and World Champion’s ziddi mindset to never give up on his goal of bringing greater glory to the nation.

The content for this campaign was created by shooting hours and hours of Chopra’s intense training sessions over several days. The film opens with the line ‘Har Taiyaari Se Badkar Hai Ziddari’, a personal belief that Chopra lives by.

7. Rohit Sharma caters to Ritika Sajdeh’s unending grocery list with Swiggy Instamart

The digital film features Indian cricketer Sharma, dressed in his blue match-tracks, ready to leave for the next big match. He turns to his wife, Ritika Sajdeh, and heroically asks, “Toh phir aaj kya lau? Player of the match ki trophy ya bowling daalke 5 wicket lu?” 

Sajdeh rattles off a never-ending list of party essentials – from soda crates and wafers to Bluetooth speakers and party poppers.

As the film progresses, Sharma has a eureka moment and effortlessly taps away on the Swiggy Instamart app. 

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