It's official! Dark Parle-G is for real and will be available across India in next 2-3 months

Mayank Shah, Vice-President of Parle Products told BestMediaInfo that Dark Parle-G has been already launched in Maharashtra and is available in mom and pop stores. Slowly and gradually, it will be available in other parts of the country as well

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It's official! Dark Parle-G is for real and will be available across India in next 2-3 months

In the midst of a viral image making rounds on social media showcasing a new variant of the iconic Parle-G biscuit called ‘Dark Parle-G’, the anticipation is put to rest as Mayank Shah, Vice-President of Parle Products has stepped in to confirm the official launch of this dark cocoa-infused variation of Parle-G nationwide.

Parle-G, a beloved snack for tea-time in India, has been a favorite in households for more than 85 years. So, the introduction of a new flavor is a noteworthy event.

A few days ago, a viral photo of 'Parle G Dark' biscuit packets caused a sensation on the internet. People on social media couldn't resist discussing and resharing the picture. At that time, it was only speculation since the company hadn't confirmed the existence of Parle-G Dark officially.

Mayank Shah

But in an exclusive conversation with BestMediaInfo, Shah confirmed and said that there's a lot of buzz about Parle-G Dark lately and it's actually a new variant of Parle-G with dark cocoa added.

“We are currently in the process of launching our product in phases. We have just launched it in certain parts of India, and we plan to gradually introduce it across the entire country. Specifically, it has been launched in Maharashtra and is now available in mom and pop stores. However, it is not yet available in malls or on e-commerce platforms,” Shah said.

Although it's not widely known, Shah said that Parle-G actually offers other variants such as Ocean Berries, Cinnamon, Royal, and Gold.

“The concept behind introducing Parle-G Dark is to offer an alternative for those concerned about their sugar intake. Typically, dark shell cream biscuits contain high amounts of sugar and milk. Parle-G Dark retains the dark cocoa experience while reducing the sugar content,” Shah added.

Additionally, he stated that there's a national-level campaign planned for Dark Parle-G once it is available across India, which will happen within the next 2-3 months.

One can agree that Parle-G holds a significant place in everyone’s lives. Let's take a moment to explore how this brand was introduced in India.

During the pre-Independence times, biscuits were considered a premium product as most of it was imported. A few Indian companies manufactured biscuits but they were very costly.

Following this the company brainstormed on the idea for a biscuit made in India, meant for Indian people and accessible to the common man. It was with this philosophy that this brand was launched in 1939 and was called Parle Glucose biscuits.

In 1982, the brand underwent a massive re-imaging phase with the help of Everest Brand Solutions. Before 1982, Parle-G was called Parle Gluco. The competition increased as other brands also started using the term gluco in their packaging as gluco was considered as a short form for glucose. Later, the name Parle-G was coined.

Parle-G has a very wide market reach due to its widespread distribution network strength. It is available to customers from big metropolitan cities to the smallest of villages.

However, compared to its competitors, it has more focus and penetration in rural and suburban areas than city areas. A major reason is the strategic location of its manufacturing units, which are closer to rural and suburban areas.

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