Results cannot be forced; there is always a right time: PHD India's Aayushi Patil

In a conversation with, Aayushi Patil, the winner of the Rising Star Awards 2023's high chair trophy, discusses her journey into the advertising world, offers advice to her younger self, and reflects on the trajectory of her career, and more

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Results cannot be forced; there is always a right time: PHD India's Aayushi Patil

Aayushi Patil

In an alternate universe, Aayushi Patil would be found working on her novel in a cosy corner of a coffee shop or alongside the crashing waves on a surreal beach. But in this universe, Patil from PHD India, loves the allure of media agencies and won the high chair trophy of Rising Star Awards, 2023 in the category of Best Strategy - Mobile.

Talking about her love for media, she said, “Working in this field allows you to interact with various brands and gain insights from colleagues involved in fascinating and innovative projects for their respective brands.”

Majoring in accounting and finance while fostering a love for media and journalism, Patil did not see herself making a career in it and opted for a marketing specialisation in her MBA.

Talking to about her induction into the ad world, she said, “Fate had its own plans and I ended up being selected for an Advertising company, bringing me full circle as I live out my childhood dream.”

While learning the various nuances of Marketing, Patil worked on hypothetical scenarios for brands, brainstormed on strategy and solved tangible business problems. According to her, this instilled a problem-solving mindset within her and helped her approach things with objectivity.

Since the start of her career, Patil has been a Performance Marketer and as a result, most of the campaigns she was involved in have been for Search, Meta, or LinkedIn. “Where we have driven end-to-end goals for clients and bring in cost efficiencies,” Patil commented.

Talking about her favourite campaign, she picked the Škoda’s Swiggy campaign, for which she won the aforementioned award. “PHD Media and Swiggy along with our client, Škoda India, rolled out a campaign based on contextual innovation for Škoda Slavia’s 5-star GNCAP rating – the first in the Sedan category in India,” she briefed.

In all her endeavours, Patil has looked towards herself for motivation and believes that if her younger self – who had no clue where she was headed in her career, could make it this far, she knows that there is always room for more growth. “That’s what keeps me going every time I find myself stuck in a dead-end situation,” she added.

The post university maze can be a whirlpool of confusion and chaos and commenting on her entry into the corporate world, Patil revealed that her urge to keep going and never stop challenges her every day to tackle situations head on.

Adding to the lessons that her corporate career bestowed on her, she said,” I’ve learnt that it is also important to take regular breaks to keep the flame within yourself ignited and not burn out.

It all boils down to one decision that I take every day – how much to give and when to step back.”

“Choose your battles wisely” – is something Patil lives by in both her personal and professional life. Her past and current workplaces have imparted to her valuable lessons about the significance of the ‘right time’ in life. “I’ve learnt that results cannot be forced, whether it’s to do with some campaign I’m working on or something in my personal life.”

Every morning, one would catch a glimpse of Patil walking into work with a smile. The secret? She loves her work! “Whether it's the occasional long hours or revising plans for the umpteenth time, I remain unfazed.  I find myself lucky to be able to say that I find the world of media exhilarating!”

Talking about her guiding forces and her north stars in the industry, she shines a generous spotlight on her managers who were immensely supportive in paving her career path and helping her visualise it for herself.

“While I do wish to handle a vertical of my own in the future,” she said, talking about her future ambitions, “currently it’s all about enhancing my learning curve – a journey that I believe should never stop.”

If not working on making waves in the ad world, one can find Patil dancing to her favourite music or daydreaming about her hypothetical business ideas. “I also enjoy cooking,” she says, talking about her leisure hour activities, “it calms me and helps clear my mind off all stressors.”

Revisiting her younger self with a warm piece of advice, she expresses to be patient and stop comparing your journey to others.’ “Because, eventually, we all receive what we deserve,” she said.

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