Misusing AI can seriously impact the brand image: AnyMind Group's Otohiko Kozutsumi

With time, there will be laws and regulations in place in India for AI and deep fakes, Kozutsumi said, while adding that new-age technology is booming and rapidly consumed in India currently

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Misusing AI can seriously impact the brand image: AnyMind Group's Otohiko Kozutsumi

Otohiko Kozutsumi

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for both internal operations and client services, AnyMind Group considers AI advancements crucial for expanding its business and brand, Otohiko Kozutsumi, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of AnyMind Group, said. He also highlighted that at the same time, the company is committed to ensuring that AI does not have a negative impact on society.

In an exclusive interview with BestMediaInfo, Kozutsumi emphasised that using AI improperly could significantly harm the brand image.

While briefly sharing the story of how AnyMind Group was founded and the initial vision behind its establishment, Kozutsumi said, “Our CEO, Kosuke Sogo, who is also the Co-Founder at AnyMind Group and I kicked off our journey in April 2016, having previously worked together in Southeast Asia in the advertising technology industry.”

Furthermore, he mentioned that while visiting numerous offices in the region, they sensed the immense growth potential in Asia. Witnessing the country’s growth as well as the advertising industry’s rapid expansion, they realised that Asia was a crucial market for them.

“Hence, we began our business in Singapore and later expanded to Southeast Asia, now boasting a sizable team in India. This was our core vision and inception idea behind AnyMind Group.

Today we have a strong presence across countries, especially India and we have strong faith in India’s potential and future,” Kozutsumi said.

“While our market expansion continues, we have built a robust team in India. Rubeena, our Country Manager, joined us last year in January and under her excellent leadership, we are steadily growing our business in India,” he added.

Kozutsumi also explained how the Indian market treated AnyMind Group in comparison to other markets, saying that India presents immense opportunities due to its growing population and rapidly expanding GDP. The market size is witnessing a significant surge, highlighted by India’s participation in the G20 last year, showcasing increased global influence.

“Recognising India’s rising power, we strategically acquired POKKT. The diversity within the Indian market is noteworthy, with numerous local languages and a multitude of states and cities. Our presence extends to key hubs like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore but India’s tech landscape is vast, with many players contributing to a highly competitive market,” he added.

Furthermore, Kozutsumi highlighted that AnyMind uses AI both for its internal operations and for the clients. He believes it's crucial for them to integrate it into their platform.

“In AnyTag, our influencer marketing platform, we incorporate image recognition and machine learning to pinpoint the right influencers for our clients. This aspect is highly significant for us. Recently, we introduced AI-generated influencer offerings, which allows us to create AI

influencers and conduct live streaming using generative AI technology,” Kozutsumi said.

“These AI advancements play a crucial role in expanding our business and brand. Our tech team in Bangalore, contributes to enhancing our AI capabilities, further strengthening our technological environment,” he added.

In the absence of specific laws or rules around deep fakes and AI, in India, Kozutsumi believes that the industry must be cautious about the challenges attached to these spaces.

"As a company, we must be responsible and follow the rules. Before going public, we already had a good sense of responsibility in using AI and being a public-listed company, we are committed to ensuring AI doesn't negatively impact society," Kozutsumi said.

He also emphasised that misusing the AI function can seriously impact the brand image. He added, “Despite recently launching the AI influencer offerings, we are also very vigilant. Even in live commerce, where the AI influencer responds automatically, we need to monitor their answers closely. Adjusting the AI is crucial to ensure a responsible and effective use, as even with AI, caution is key.”

Kozutsumi believes that with time there will be laws and regulations in place for this in India. New-age technology is booming and rapidly consumed in India currently.

Furthermore, Kozutsumi mentioned that when it comes to the digital world, at AnyMind they have got two kinds of business.

“First up is the Brand Commerce business where we team up with brands to boost their presence in the market. Then there's the Partner Growth side, where we collaborate with creators and online and app publishers. We are into both, working with brands and partners, all to foster the growth of the digital ecosystem and the digital economy,” Kozutsumi said.

“Our approach revolves around connecting brands with creators, fostering collaboration between them. Additionally, we engage in the online publisher business, linking brands with online media publishers for mutual growth. This broad oversight of the digital ecosystem is crucial. Our first focus is on strengthening the e-commerce sector within the market, aiming for substantial growth in the future,” he added.

Talking about AnyMind’s near-term vision for India, he mentioned that their team envisions creators launching their own Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands, further expanding their businesses so that ultimately, consumers find joy in purchasing products online.

While explaining how advertising experiences can be enhanced during in-game ads, Kozutsumi said that a smooth interaction is crucial with the consumers.

“I usually play games on my mobile, and when I want more, I watch rewarded video ads. This kind of interaction is crucial for the gaming advertising industry. It's not just about pushing ads, they need to match the game closely to keep players interested,” he said.

“Our POKKT mobile marketing platform has fantastic features, such as rich media capabilities. Within the apps, you can play the game or buy something that is super convenient. This way, we offer users better experiences, making advertising enjoyable for them,” he added.

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