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Hareesh Tibrewala and Sanjay Mehta exit Mirum India as Jt CEOs; Mihir Karkare appointed MD

Earlier known as Social Wavelength, Karkare, Tibrewala and Mehta co-founded the agency in 2009. It was later acquired by WPP in 2014

(Left) Hareesh Tibrewala; Sanjay Mehta (Right)

Hareesh Tibrewala and Sanjay Mehta, who served as co-CEOs of Mirum India, WPP’s digital marketing agency, have stepped down from their current roles. 

The agency has appointed Mihir Karkare as the MD of the agency. Just 15 months out of college, Karkare co-founded Mirum in 2009 along with Tibrewala and Mehta.

Prior to Mirum, Karkare was a technologist working on pre-iPhone mobile and early web 2.0 products for the enterprise, as per his LinkedIn.

Tibrewala and Mehta’s tenure at the helm of the company spans nearly 15 years. The duo will continue to be on the Mirum Board.

Mirum India was earlier known as Social Wavelength. Just before the agency turned 5, it was acquired by WPP to become Mirum in 2014.

Mehta wrote on LinkedIn, “As I continue to remain a director and an advisor, this is not a farewell post, simply one about the internal transition. As and when a complete exit happens, there will be many others to thank and acknowledge. As a co-founder of the business, I will always see the company as my "baby" and the interests of the business, the team, and the work that we deliver to our clients, will always remain important to me.”

Tibrewala shared the information on LinkedIn and wrote, “Pleased to inform you that a planned leadership transition has happened at Mirum. After having led Mirum, now for about 15 years, I (and Sanjay Mehta) have stepped down from my role as CEO and handed the baton to our next-gen leadership.”

Sharing future plans, Tibrewala wrote, “Having stepped out of day-to-day responsibilities, will also allow me time to focus on my bucket list (travel, reading, music, spiritualism…and just watching the grass grow); as also on mentoring some start-ups as well as mentoring boards of large companies (as an Independent Director). And maybe also come up with some new business venture ideas.”


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