Google upgrades performance max with Gemini AI model

Alphabet's Google said it will integrate its Gemini artificial intelligence models into an existing product for advertisers, bringing its advanced AI capabilities to more of the tech giant's customers

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Google upgrades performance max with Gemini AI model

Google has enhanced its AI system, known as the Gemini Model, for advertisers aiming to enhance the performance of their campaigns. The search giant introduced several new features designed to assist advertisers in scaling and building high-quality assets, including integrating Gemini models into Performance Max.

Google said, "Performance Max campaigns serve across all of Google’s ad inventory, unlocking more opportunities for you to connect with customers. It’s important to have a wide variety of creative assets that meet the needs of different customers and formats. Great creative drives results — we found that advertisers who improve their Performance Max Ad Strength to “Excellent” see 6 % more conversions on average."

In a blog post, Pallavi Naresh, Group Product Manager, Google, said, "It’s helping them create more effective campaigns and build creative assets at the volume, velocity and variation required to engage consumers in relevant ways. Marketers and agency partners remain at the heart of the creative process, using a deep understanding of their customers and business to guide AI with the right inputs to build meaningful creative that performs.”

Naresh added, “We’re also improving these asset generation capabilities with Gemini, Google's most capable AI model," the company added. Performance Max can now generate long headlines and sitelink generation is coming soon; both of these new features will use the Gemini model's reasoning capabilities to generate text assets.”

Google will soon upgrade its image generation models to Imagen 2, adapted for Google Ads, allowing advertisers to be able to generate lifestyle imagery using Performance Max that shows people in action.

Similarly, image editing will also include the ability to generate and incorporate backgrounds that feature people. For existing images that are performing well, advertisers will be able to generate new options similar to them to scale creative ideas even further.

The blog added, “In addition, advertisers cannot use Performance Max or asset generation to create content that promotes violence, misrepresentation, or any other content prohibited by our long-standing Google Ads policies and generative AI usage guidelines. We also use mechanisms such as watermarking with SynthID that allow images to be identified as AI-generated. Imagen2 and SynthID are technologies developed by Google DeepMind.”

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