In the media side of adworld, I discovered the real power of narrative: Mo Mantra's Ankit Nalotia

In his conversation with, Ankit Nalotia, Founder, Mo Mantra, who walked away with the High Chair trophy in Real Estate category at BestMediaInfo's Rising Star Awards 2023, stated that when it comes to advertising, it's not just about creating a story but strategically placing it where it resonates the loudest

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In the media side of adworld, I discovered the real power of narrative: Mo Mantra's Ankit Nalotia

Ankit Nalotia

For somebody who was initially drawn to the ‘storytelling magic’ of advertising which apparently seemed a ‘completely new world- an unexpected adventure’, it was in the media side of the ad universe that Ankit Nalotia, Founder, Mo Mantra, discovered the ‘real power of narrative’.

“It's not just about creating a story; it's about strategically placing it where it resonates the loudest. Call it fate or call it a happy accident, but media strategy chose me, and I haven't looked back since,” he emphasised.

It was owing to his encounter with this ‘happy accident’ that Nalotia won the High Chair trophy in the Real Estate category of BestMediaInfo’s Rising Star Awards 2023 for an ad campaign titled ‘Perfect Match’.

Giving a glimpse into his school and college days, Nalotia mentioned that when he looks back to his scholastic days, he finds them to be the ‘training grounds’ or ‘rehearsals’ for the grand performance of his life. 

But besides the regular stuff that students would do, he always found painting to be a calming activity as it gave him the opportunity to retreat into a world of limitless imagination.

“It was after getting exposed to the world of advertising I knew that I was just preparing to be right where I am today,” he opined.

But, the post-university maze, which may seem daunting to many, to him seemed similar to a rollercoaster for he believes that it is the storm that teaches one strength, resilience and patience.

In his spectacle, his superpowers include strategic thinking, creative approach to a problem with a dash of 'never settle' attitude, it's his daily commitment to outdo the yesterday that comes across as passion to him.

During the course of his interaction, Nalotia also mentioned that since he had always found himself drawn towards taking risks because it was the road less travelled, he just knew that there was something at the end of the struggle that would make all the struggle worthwhile and propel him towards success.

Upon being questioned as to what he thinks would he have pursued if it wasn’t for advertising, he replied that he would have either been involved in his family business or a BD and Strategy role, but even then, he would probably be doing something creative as well.

“I think, the thrill of BD, the decisiveness of strategy and innovation through creativity, really call to me,” he stated.

As for an advise he would want to give to his younger self stepping into the ad-land, he mentioned that it’d be "Embrace the unknown; it's where stuff gets interesting."

Commenting on how he views work-life balance in the advertising diaspora, he mentioned that even though it’s chaotic and sometimes the balance tips a little too much on the work side, one must know where his/her priorities lie to maintain that balance for the scales of work-life balance are actually in one’s own hands and once individuals realise this zen is easily found.

“I think of the workplace as not an inanimate space that we occupy. It has a life of its own. It’s positively buzzing with excitement, exhilaration, challenges, victories and lessons. It’s my growth partner where we all as a team thrive,” he further pointed out.

All things said, what made him stick on to the media agency side of things is simple- “It's like being in the centre of all things exciting– strategies, challenges and innovation– it's a world that keeps evolving and I love every second of it.”

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