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Media veteran Pradeep Guha’s statue unveiled on his birth anniversary

The bust was unveiled at the Cricket Club of India, South Mumbai. It will be installed at Pradeep Guha Chowk on DN Road, Mumbai, in the next few days

Unveiling Pradeep Guha's Bust (L-R) Guha Family, Maharashtra CM, MK Anand

Commemorating the birth anniversary of the media veteran Pradeep Guha, a special ceremony was held to unveil a bust in his honour.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Eknath Shinde unveiled the bust in the presence of several media dignitaries and the Guha family.

Pradeep Guha, fondly known as PG, served as a mentor to several media personalities across the nation. The statue has been sculpted by artist Jayram Ghopale, known for his large-scale sculpture installations. 

The bust was unveiled at the Cricket Club of India, South Mumbai. It will be installed at Pradeep Guha Chowk on DN Road, Mumbai, in the next few days.

This location holds profound importance as it stands adjacent to the Times of India building, an organisation that Guha was associated with for nearly three decades.

The event was attended by several personalities - including Subhash Ghai, Diana Hayden, Poonam Dillon, Smita Thackeray, Ramesh Nara, and Bhupendra Makhi, amongst others.

Shinde conveyed his tribute to Pradeep Guha, stating, "Today, we celebrate the life of a visionary who pioneered the concept of ‘celebrity status’ and brought revolutionary changes to the media world. He showcased the future of the media field and possessed the ability to shape the present. We are fortunate to have been a part of his work. With deep gratitude, we unveil the Statue, symbolising his enduring impact. As we honour his legacy, let us embrace change and build upon the foundation he laid. Together, we shape the future, inspired by Pradeep Guha's remarkable journey."

MK Anand, MD and CEO of Times Network, expressed his gratitude to the Chief minister for facilitating the approval of the statue. He said, “The approval for PG’s statue in Mumbai signifies a monumental occasion, as he becomes the first individual in over two decades to receive such an honour. Grateful to the CM Eknath Shinde for his guidance and assistance in the endeavour that has ensured that Pradeep Guha gets his rightful place among the legends."

Actor Manoj Bajpayee, who hosted the event, said, "During a difficult phase of my professional career, Pradeep Guha stood by me like a pillar of strength. He never wavered, even when my path seemed uncertain. With his constant encouragement and valuable connections, Pradeep breathed life into my fading aspirations. Today, as we gather to celebrate his remarkable life, I humbly express my heartfelt gratitude to the media visionary who believed in me. Thank you, Pradeep, for being my guiding light."

Papia Guha, reflecting on what would have been Pradeep Guha's 71st birthday, shared memories of their marriage and highlighted their shared values of hard work, integrity, and giving back. She said, “We believed in hard work, integrity, and giving back. Little did we know that Pradeep's impact would extend beyond our immediate circle. Today, we stand in awe as his memory is honoured with a chowk in his name and a bust, surpassing our wildest dreams. Gratitude overflows as we acknowledge the Chief minister, Eknath Ji Shinde, Manoj for hosting this evening, the skilled sculptor Jayram Gopale, and the relentless efforts of MK Anand and his team. We are deeply moved by the presence of those who have travelled from different corners of the world to be here today. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you.”

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