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Adani Wilmar celebrates the authentic taste of India in King's Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil TVC

The TVC aims to emphasise the pungency and purity of the product, highlighting its flavour

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Adani Wilmar (AWL) has unveiled a new TV commercial for its King's Kachi Ghani pure mustard oil.

The TVC aims to emphasise the pungency and purity of the product, highlighting its flavour. By doing so, the company aims to reinforce the brands position as the preferred choice for consumers who appreciate genuine taste and quality.

The TV commercial showcases the story of a charismatic and respected individual, symbolising a heroic figure, who is deeply moved by the product's pungency ("Jaanch") and purity. The video captures the deep connection between food, family, and the immense satisfaction derived from using the finest mustard oil in traditional Indian cooking.

Sanjay Adesara, Head of Marketing, Adani Wilmar, said, “Kachi Ghani, also known as "Sarson ka Tel", is an indigenous oil to India, being extensively consumed in the northern and eastern regions of the country. Due to its inherent properties and colour, mustard oil can be easily mixed with other oils, a practice that is widespread throughout the nation. Unfortunately, this leads to the sale of adulterated products by local players at significantly discounted prices. Adani Wilmar, committed to fostering a healthy and prosperous nation, aims to counter these local adulterated brands by offering quality products at affordable prices through its King's range.”

“The King's Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil TV commercial celebrates the authentic flavors of India and reinforces the product's core attributes of pungency and purity, enhancing the taste and elevating the culinary experience of every Indian dish prepared. We understand the importance of preserving age-old flavours, and our product serves as an appealing choice to discourage consumers from opting for adulterated, unbranded oils, promoting the use of quality and genuine ingredients in every Indian household."

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